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Mission and Vision Statements

Institutional Mission Statement

The mission of Hellenic College, Inc. is the formation and the education of the person within the life of an Orthodox Christian community. To that end, it educates men preparing for the holy priesthood of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and other Orthodox Christian entities, as well as men and women for leadership roles in Church, chosen professions, and society. HC, Inc. collaborates with Orthodox Church–affiliated institutions and ministries, and offers opportunities for lifelong learning.

Hellenic College

StudentsHellenic College, an Orthodox Christian college of higher learning, cultivates the intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of its students so that they might serve and contribute to society and the Church. To that end, Hellenic College fosters intellectual development in its students, engaging them in liberal arts and professional curricula that demand rigorous inquiry and academic scholarship. The College promotes spiritual and moral development by incorporating students into the practices, teachings, and liturgical life of an Orthodox Christian community. The College also offers the opportunity to its students to become aware of the universal intellectual and cultural values of the Hellenic cultural heritage. The College encourages its students to respond to their unique vocations by committing to education, faith, and service in all aspects of their professional and personal endeavors.

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology is an Orthodox Christian seminary and graduate school of theology centered on the Trinitarian faith as revealed by Jesus Christ and as preserved in its fullness, genuineness, and integrity by the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. The School embodies the historic and specific educational mission of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and its archdiocese in the United States. Holy Cross educates its students to articulate and understand the biblical, historical, dogmatic, ethical, and liturgical traditions of the Orthodox Church. Students are prepared to become future Orthodox clergy and lay leaders who demonstrate faith, sensitivity, and compassion as they cultivate an attitude of offering a service of truth and love in the world. Through its graduate degree programs, Holy Cross offers men and women the opportunity to become spiritually mature persons through immersion in worship, theological studies, and service to community.

Institutional Vision Statement

To be the intellectual, educational and spiritual formation center of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, stimulating, developing, and sustaining ordained and lay vocations for service to Church and society, based on faith.