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Applications for Summer Class/Practicum to Albania 2014

The Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity at Hellenic College Holy Cross is now accepting applications for next summer’s The Missiology of Archbishop Anastasios mission class and practicum to Albania. This is a 3-credit summer class that combines an academic element with a missions experience, together with a spiritual pilgrimage. 

The course will study in depth the life, missiology and writings of the greatest contemporary Orthodox missionary and missiologist, Archbishop Anastasios (Yannoulatos) of Albania, and examine how he has practically lived out this missiology through his ministry in the Church of Albania. 

Archbishop Anastasios teaches the students in Albania.

The course will look at the foundation and calling of missions. We will consider the resurrection of the Church of Albania over the past 24 years, examining and analyzing the successes of how the church has succeeded in living out the missiology of the Archbishop. 

Part of the course will be devoted to a mission practicum where the students will travel to Albania for two weeks, witnessing the resurrection of the Church of Albania, meeting missionaries and the indigenous leaders of the Church, and participating in evangelism programs within the country.

The Mission Institute of Orthodoxy Christianity will subsidize the cost of the trip. Students will contribute $1,000 towards the overall cost of the trip, airfare and three credits offered. Students will have the option to pay this money either on their own, or can fundraise monies through the OCMC and the Missions Institute.

Space is limited for interested students. The class will include 12 students from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Hellenic College, St. Vladimir Seminary, St. Tikhon Seminary, St. Herman Seminary, and other Orthodox seminaries in the US.

DEADLINE for application is DECEMBER 10, 2013. Any questions, and all application requests should be sent to Fr. Luke at veronis@verizon.net.

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