Dr. Vrame Gives Keynote at Religious Education Conference in Bulgaria

From June 17-20, Dr. Anton Vrame, Adjunct Associate Professor of Religious Education, attended the Third International Conference of the Orthodox Christian Religious Education Association at the Faculty of Theology, St. Kliment Okhridski, Sofia University, Bulgaria. Dr. Vrame delivered the keynote address, “Teaching Orthodox Christianity Today: Challenges to Methodologies.”

The Association was created in 2006 in New Valaam, Finland as a means to gather Orthodox Christian scholars in the field to discuss research and share their work. This year’s conference included scholars and graduate students from Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, and Romania.

In addition to the academic portions of the conference, the participants visited the offices of the Metropolis of Sofia and Metropolitan Gregorii on behalf of Patriarch Neofit, the Monastery of St. John of Rila and a walking tour of the city of Sofia.