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HCHC Partners with Classical Learning Resource Center

A new and promising partnership between the Classical Learning Resource Center and the Department of Greek Studies at Hellenic College Holy Cross is coming to fruition this spring. On March 5, Dr. Stamatia Dova, Professor of Classics and Modern Greek Studies at Hellenic College, began teaching Greek IV, an online course on ancient Greek prose offered through the Classical Learning Resource Center. 

The Center provides high quality online courses in the classics (Greek and Latin language and literature, as well as Greek and Roman mythology and culture) to students who wish to discover the wonderful world of Greek and Roman antiquity. Many CLRC students are homeschooled or attend small schools that cannot afford their own full-time instructors of Greek or Latin. 

"Making classics courses available to online learners of all ages, including elementary-, middle-, and high-school as well as adult students, constitutes a source of incomparable academic enrichment," stated Dr. Dova, who has also spearheaded Project Eustathius at HCHC, a program that supports Religious Studies majors who sign up for a Classics minor. "Raising awareness of the classics is a great gift to an inquisitive mind," she added.

Centered on love of learning, the CLRC's teaching philosophy focuses on creating an educational environment that fosters creativity and excellence. In addition to classics courses, the CLRC offers a rich and varied curriculum in math, modern languages, literature and composition, and Eastern Christian studies. CLRC operates with the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Joseph. Its founders, John and Anne Van Fossen, most teachers, and about half of its students are Orthodox. This affiliation with the Orthodox Church renders the partnership with HCHC even more promising.

This semester, the reading for Greek IV will be Plutarch's Life of Themistocles, about which both students and instructor are truly excited.