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HCHC Students Participate in Concordia Annual Summit

Five fortunate Hellenic College and Holy Cross students joined Rev. Fr. Christopher Metropulos, HCHC President, at the seventh Concordia Annual Summit, held in New York City September 18-19. Concordia is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which seeks to build effective public-private partnerships to create a more prosperous and sustainable future. Its Co-Founder and Chairman, Nicholas Logothetis, was already admired by our students because he had come to campus last February to share his insights on business and philanthropy with them in dialogue with Fr. Christopher. In his opening remarks at the Summit, Mr. Logothetis said, “I believe that today we have a unique opportunity to change the world in our own small way. If not now, then when? If not us, then who?” This year’s Annual Summit brought together 2,600 of the world’s preeminent thought leaders and decision-makers, among them 17 current or former heads of state, to discuss today’s most pressing global issues.

Here are the students’ reflections on being part of this extraordinary event:

“Although the world of today is vexed by countless challenges and uncertainties, Concordia is a fine example of cross-sector collaboration dedicated to advancing a better future. Many of the diverse speakers shared cutting-edge knowledge or tidbits of experience from their own professional careers. It was reassuring to know there are so many others out there wanting to help people and communities.”
- Christopher Coombs, first-year seminarian, Holy Cross

“If we want change in the world, we need to stand together, we need to be loud and clear. We must share our values and do it with humility.”
- Kristen Karavantos-Love, sophomore, Hellenic College

“I was extremely honored to have been able to attend the 2017 Concordia Annual Summit. It was incredible to see numerous nonprofit and for-profit companies working together to solve pressing global issues. One major takeaway was the fact that there are so many young entrepreneurs out there trying to positively impact the world. Hearing their personal anecdotes and speaking face to face with them showed me that anything is achievable as long as you work hard to achieve it.” 
- Nicholas Metropulos, freshman, Hellenic College

“It was very eye-opening and inspiring to be in the presence of so many influential people from around the globe and to hear the things they had to say about all of the current and continuous world issues.”
- Vasiliki Motsios, sophomore, Hellenic College

“Concordia was a breathtaking experience. The combination of topics such as art, technology, engineering, ecology, health, and politics reminded us that social change can happen through many forms in today’s fragmented world.”
- Ioannis Zempos, senior, Hellenic College