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CrossRoad Session I Concludes

The CrossRoaders have officially finished Stage 3 of CrossRoad! They spent the past few days exploring who their neighbor is and have put into action all that they have learned by going out and serving. It is amazing to watch the transformation that comes from encountering neighbors we normally would not interact with.

On Monday, the participants spent the day at the beach. Upon their return, they were given an opportunity to reflect on all they learned in Stage 3, "Vocation and Christ in the Face of the Neighbor." They then participated in a closing session and had an opportunity to share their talents with one another in a group talent show.

Hellenic College Holy Cross and the CrossRoad staff are sad to say goodbye to this amazing, smart, talented, and wise group of students. We have grown to love them dearly and have been so inspired to watch them "take the challenge" of CrossRoad. We are happy, however, that they will return to their friends and families spiritually refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a clearer understanding of what it means to serve God and neighbor.

To learn more about the CrossRoad Summer Institute, please contact Kyra Limberakis, Assistant Director and Parent Liaison, at 216-206-0580.