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Faculty Accomplishments – Summer/Fall 2014

Hellenic College Holy Cross boasts a distinguished faculty, whose members publish widely in theology, the humanities, and professional disciplines. Over the past few months, many have taken part in notable events or have spearheaded significant projects, both nationally and internationally. Here is a summary of some of their accomplishments:

Dr. Bruce Beck served as a faculty advisor for 30 HCHC students participating in the annual St. Helen’s Pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey (May 22–June 20). Fr. Philip Zymaris accompanied Dr. Beck during the first week in Constantinople. Fr. Peter Chamberas also worked with Dr. Beck on this program. Dr. Timothy Patitsas joined the students for the last four weeks of the trip, where they continued their language and cultural studies in Athens and on the island of Paros.

Dr. Beck also presented a paper at the International Symposium on Christian Apocryphal Literature, held June 26–29 at the University of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with Dr. Christos Arabatzis from that university. Their paper was titled “Intertextuality and Reception History in the Story of Jonah and Elijah in the Lives of the Prophets.” He gave two lectures at the University of Thessaloniki's School of Theology as part of the first annual summer school program in Orthodox theology. His lectures were on the topic of the Bible in the Orthodox Church.

Dr. Beck then directed the 8th annual Pappas Patristic Institute’s Summer Patristic
Studies program, held on the HCHC campus from July 21–25. He taught a course called “Reading Scripture with the Fathers: Studies in Patristic Hermeneutics.”

In August, he developed a new course entitled “New Testament Ethics,” offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. He also redesigned his course, “Introduction to the New Testament.”

Dr. John Chirban is on sabbatical for the Fall 2014 semester. He is working on his book Silenced: The Children of Divorce.

Dr. Stamatia Dova presented two papers in May 2014 at Canada’s McGill University. The first paper, entitled "Theseus, Peirithoos, and the Poetics of a Failed Katábasis," was presented at the symposium Katábasis in Greek Literary Tradition and Religious Thought. The paper "Lucian's Thucydides: Intention, Intertext, and the Telos of Historiography," was delivered at the annual general meeting of the Classical Association of Canada.

In May and June 2014, she directed two programs on Modern Greek language at the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies in Nafplion, Greece. She taught the Modern Greek language component at the Cultural Internships Program offered by CHS Greece and supervised the Modern Greek Language Fellowship. This is a research program on instruction in Modern Greek as a foreign/second language conducted in collaboration with the Department of Linguistics at the University of Athens.

In July 2014, Dr. Dova delivered her paper, "Pindar, Palamas, and the Poetics of Olympism," at the annual conference Revisiting the Past, Understanding the Present, co-sponsored by the Center for Hellenic Studies and the International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece.

In July and August 2014, she taught the Beginning Modern Greek I course at the Kallinikeion Institute. She also helped supervise operations at the Institute.


Dr. Evie Holmberg delivered a talk on September 2, 2014, in Eleusis, Greece. This talk was part of an effort to bring the site of the Eleusinian Mysteries under the protection of UNESCO. This initiative would include Eleusis within the four Greek centers of world heritage. Its aims also include plans to clean up the area blighted by industrial pollution and to establish a museum. The museum will include art workshops as well as centers for environmental and drug rehabilitation and prayer/meditation. Dr. Holmberg is also a member of the academic advisory committee for this project.

Dr. Gramenos Karanos worked with the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians to set the newly translated texts of the Divine Liturgy to music. On June 16, he participated in the Archdiocesan Byzantine Choir's concert at Holy Trinity Cathedral in New York in honor of Archbishop Demetrios. In July, he wrote the liner notes for the soon-to-be-released Entrance of the Theotokos CD by the St. Kassia Women's Byzantine Choir. He also worked on planning the second Boston Byzantine Music Festival. In August, while in Greece, he continued writing his book Art of the Priests: Byzantine Music for Clergy. He also co-authored, with Drs. Emmanouil Giannopoulos and Maria Alexandru of the University of Thessaloniki, a panel proposal for the 22nd International Medieval Congress, which will be held in Leeds, U.K., in 2015. He also started a project of setting to music St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite's Theotokarion, a collection of 56 canons to the Theotokos, one for each day of the week in each mode.

Dr. Karanos led the choir for the event "Embracing the Journey of Spanish Jewry: An Evening of Music, A Fusion of Traditions” on September 14 at the Vilna Shul in Boston.

Dr. Karanos has a number of performance events planned for the Fall of 2014. He has two scholarly publications forthcoming: "Poetic and Musical Imagery in Kalophonic Heirmoi to the Theotokos," in Church Music and Icons: Windows to Heaven, Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, International Society for Orthodox Church Music, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland, 3-9 June 2013; and “Εξαποστειλάριον,” an encyclopedia entry for Μεγάλη Ορθόδοξη Χριστιανική Εγκυκλοπαίδεια [Great Orthodox Christian Encyclopedia], Strategic Publishing, Athens. He is also writing the introduction to the third edition of Dr. Katy Romanou's English translation of Chrysanthos of Madytos' Great Theory of Music.

Dr. Demetrios Katos, Dean of Hellenic Collegeattended the Harvard Institute for Higher Education Management Development Program (June 1–13, 2014). He also led the fall clergy retreat of the Metropolis of Atlanta (Sept 23–25) at the Diakonia Center in South Carolina. His sessions were entitled, “Theological Reflection in a Post-Christian World.” These sessions were aimed at helping clergy participants to reflect theologically on the practices, doctrines, texts, or issues that are fundamental to Orthodox Christian life. It also focused on identifying specific practices that can be incorporated into their ministry to facilitate theological reflection by their parishioners.

Panayotis League passed his doctoral qualifying exams at Harvard University with distinction. He won a grant from Harvard's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to conduct doctoral fieldwork on the island of Lesvos, where he documented music and dance practices in the villages of Agiasos and Kapi. He also taught the Intermediate Modern Greek section of the Kallinikeion Institute.

Dr. Philip Mamalakis served as a Journey of Marriage seminar facilitator in Boston, MA and Stamford, CT. He also served as Adult Session Coordinator for the Boston Metropolis Family Camp from July 2–6, where he integrated students, clergy and local professionals into the classes and family activities, including chant, Bible study, and parent education. From July 28–August 1, Dr. Mamalakis taught the Theology of Pastoral Care course for the Holy Cross Diaconate Program. He also performed facilitator training for the Journey of Marriage webinar course and served as Crisis Intervention Team leader for the Metropolis of Boston, Bangor, ME in September.

Dr. Mamalakis spent the reminder of the summer working on the new field education program, creating the pastoral care/hospital ministry class, and training six theological reflection facilitators. He is also writing two professional conference papers for Fall 2014, writing three publications due in 2015, and putting together the 2014 annual OCAMPR conference, which he is also co-chairing.

Dr. Alice McIntyre published the article "The Value of ‘Silence’ in the Lives of Post-incarcerated Women" in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation (52), No.1, pp. 1–15 in 2013. She was invited to write a chapter called "Practicing Mindfulness: A Pedagogical Tool for Spotlighting Whiteness" for the forthcoming book Haunting Whiteness: Rhetorics of Whiteness in a Post-racial Era, edited by Tammie M Kennedy, Joyce Irene Middleton and Krista Ratcliffe, to be published by Southern Illinois University Press.

In April 2014, Dr. McIntyre was invited by Relatives for Justice to facilitate a weekend workshop with a group of women living in and around Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Relatives for Justice is an organization that provides support for relatives of people bereaved, injured, or otherwise affected by the 35-year conflict in Northern Ireland. The title of the workshop was "Gendered Violence within the Context of Violence and War." Following the workshop, Dr. McIntyre submitted a report to Relatives for Justice, aspects of which will be presented to the Northern Ireland Parliament at Stormont to highlight the importance of implementing the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325. This resolution, passed in 2000, calls for greater participation and incorporation of women's perspectives in conflict prevention, peace-building, and reconstruction.

Dr. Aristotle Michopoulos published the article "The Greek Immigration to the United States: Yesterday and Today" in the Journal of Hellenic Studies Vol. 21, No. 2 (pp. 47-78). He also submitted his research on Greek-American education for publication in The Greek Education of the Diaspora by the EU-funded project Ελληνόγλωσση Πρωτοβάθμια και Δευτεροβάθμια Διαπολιτισμική Εκπαίδευση στη Διασπορά of the Department of Primary Education, University of Crete.


Dr. Antigoni Papadimitriou had her paper "Quality Assurance Agencies in the Western Balkans: Balancing European Standards and Domestic Needs" accepted by the Assessment Institute Conference in Indianapolis, October 19–21. She also had two proposals accepted by the American Society for Higher Education for their annual conference in Washington, DC. The first is a symposium proposal with Gerardo Blanco Ramirez (University of Massachusetts, Boston) called “Higher Education Branding in a Context of Global Competition: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives,” which features four panelists. The second proposal is for a co-authored research paper, “Branding Hubs in Higher Education: An Empirical Analysis in North America, Europe and Japan.”

Dr. Timothy Patitsas served HCHC during Part B of the St. Helen's Pilgrimage in Greece and worked closely with the staff of College Year in Athens to revise the program for next year. Since then, Dr. Patitsas has been on a research and writing sabbatical in Europe, working on a book about Orthodox ethics.

Dr. Kathleen Ryan will present her paper, "Infusing the Teaching of Fiction with Rosenblatt's Theory of Aesthetic Reading" on October 25, 2014, to the New England Philosophy of Education Society at Central Connecticut State University.

Dr. James C. Skedros, Dean of Holy Cross, served as a delegate to the Association of Theological Schools biennial meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, June 24–26, 2014. He also addressed the delegates of the 2014 annual meeting of the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians in Philadelphia, PA, on July 8, 2014, on the musical training of seminarians at Holy Cross. Dr. Skedros continued to coordinate the Program for the Diaconate at Holy Cross and taught two courses during its 2014 summer session.

Dr. Anton Vrame attended the Third International Conference of the Orthodox Christian Religious Education Association at the Faculty of Theology, St. Kliment Okhridski, Sofia University, Bulgaria (June 17–20). Dr. Vrame delivered the keynote address, “Teaching Orthodox Christianity Today: Challenges to Methodologies.” The Association was created in 2006 in New Valaam, Finland, as a means to gather Orthodox Christian scholars to discuss research and share their work. This year’s conference included scholars and graduate students from Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, and Romania. In addition to the academic portions of the conference, the participants visited the offices of the Metropolis of Sofia and Metropolitan Gregorii on behalf of Patriarch Neofit. They also visited the Monastery of St. John of Rila and took part in a walking tour of the city of Sofia.