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Kisembo is Interim Director of Management and Leadership

Hellenic College is pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Kisembo will serve as interim director of the Management and Leadership program for the Fall 2013 semester. Dr. Kisembo has extensive teaching and administrative experience in the program, and he has assumed the responsibility to help transition to its new leadership this coming spring, when the new director, Dr. Antigoni Papadimitriou, will assume her post.

Dr. Kisembo has taught in the program since its inception ten years ago. He is popular among students as a teacher and mentor. He is committed to providing a great business education at Hellenic College, helping students find their vocation in service to Church and society. 

“Dr. Kisembo graduated from Hellenic College’s original business program back in the 1980s, and he speaks passionately of the College as a true alma mater, nourishing mother, to whom he owes much of his success. He cares deeply for Hellenic College and its business students,” says Dean Demetrios S. Katos. 

A graduate of Hellenic College (BA '83) and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (MTS '86), Dr. Kisembo also holds an MBA from Suffolk University ('85), and a doctorate of business administration from California Coast University ('02). 

Since 2003, Kisembo has been adjunct assistant professor in the Management and Leadership program, and briefly served once before as interim director in 2003. He assisted in the development of the current curriculum and developed the content of the management minor offered through the program. 

"My vision is a business program graduating highly qualified and competitive young men and women, well equipped with quantitative, qualitative, and Christian ethical skills needed to meet the challenges of 21st century. This is to be achieved by engaging and challenging students with rigorous quantitative, qualitative, practical, and ethical courses and programs," said Dr. Kisembo.

He is the author of several articles on the role of finances in developing economies and has extensive financial work experience with Orthodox, Christian, and non-profit organizations in Uganda. Dr. Kisembo is president and owner of Multi-Professional Consultants LLC, an accounting and financial services firm located in Waltham, Massachusetts.