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OVM Presents Leadership Workshop

By Anberin Pasha
Holy Cross Class of 2018

On October 7, Tim Tassopoulos, Executive Vice President of Operations for Chick-fil-A and member of the Hellenic College Holy Cross Board of Trustees, led an engaging workshop that had students and staff grappling with strategies for making life’s big decisions.

Employing the metaphor from Galatians 6:7, A man reaps what he sows, Tim asked attendees to explore their conscious and unconscious decision making processes.

His clear, concise, and well-directed presentation received kudos from students.

“I thought the workshop was thought provoking. It gave me a new perspective on decision-making. My biggest takeaway was the 10/90 rule. The idea that 10% of decision making is making the decision, while 90% is making that decision a good one once you've made it,” said John Zecy, a first-year Holy Cross MDiv student.

“Till, plant, fertilize, water, and weed in order to achieve your goal, and you will reap a good harvest,” echoed Elizabeth Thomas, a Holy Cross MTS student.

The workshop concluded with a Q&A session. Tim spoke about his decision to continue working with Chick-fil-A after graduating with an MBA, even though most of his fellow graduates were looking for bigger and better opportunities. For Tim, working in a family-owned business that operates based on Christian principles was a motivating factor. However, he was quick to add that there are many other important factors that are necessary to ensure the smooth running of a business enterprise.

The workshop was hosted by the Office of Vocation & Ministry at HCHC.