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HCHC: A Parent's Perspective

The following was posted to a Facebook group by the father of a first-year student at Hellenic College. To share your own perspective with us, please email Melanie Pappas at mpappas@hchc.edu.

Our firstborn is in his first semester at Hellenic College in Brookline (Boston), MA. It is a small liberal arts college (His incoming class was like 30) attached to the Greek Orthodox Church.

I cannot recommend this place enough. Spiritual formation is as important (more important?) than academics. But academically they are also superb. My son struggled in HS (Catholic School), but has been challenged and helped and is therefore really engaging his studies. He has peers that are faithful Christians coming from faithful families (what a joy to meet so many of them on move-in day). Daily chapel services that there is peer pressure to attend. A GREAT dean of students, Fr. Nick. Spiritual fathers available on campus and in the community. A motivated, engaging and welcoming student body.

It is Orthodox. But you don’t have to be Orthodox to attend. And it is not the Orthodox way to pressure others.

It is Greek. A percentage of the chapel services are in Greek. My son certainly does NOT complain about the Greek food in the dining hall.

It is Liberal Arts. But even an engineer or science student (my next one down the pipe wants to be a nurse) could benefit from the first year or two at HCHC.

Check it out!