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Session One CrossRoaders "Wrestle with Vocation"

It is hard to believe that the CrossRoaders have already finished Stage 1 of CrossRoad, "Wrestling with Vocation." They have spent the first three days getting to know their strengths and exploring how they might use those to glorify God and neighbor. From staff-led sessions on Sanctification of Creation and Vocation & Pop Culture to guest speakers on subjects like Orthodoxy and Public Activism, Stage 1 was packed with exploration of the beauty of the Orthodox faith and each participant's relationship with Christ.

We are now in Stage 2 of CrossRoad, "Vocation and Christ," which began yesterday morning when they had their first day of theology and scripture classes with Dr. Alexis Torrance (Archbishop Demetrios College Chair of Byzantine Theology and Assistant Professor of History of Christianity at the University of Notre Dame) and Dr. Michael Legaspi (Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Jewish Studies at Pennsylvania State University). Small staff-led breakout discussion groups followed their theology and scripture lectures.

Last night we had an opportunity to hear from Mother Photini, the Abbess of All Saints Monastery in Long Island, NY. She spoke on vocation and monasticism and offered wonderful insights on the monastic lifestyle and its role in the church.

Today, we had our second day of theology and scripture classes where Dr. Torrance spoke on the theology of the Holy Trinity and Dr. Legaspi explored the stories of David and Moses in the Old Testament. These lectures have sparked thoughtful and insightful questions and comments from the participants!

Following the lectures, we took our second adventure into downtown Boston where we had lunch and walked around Faneuil Hall, one of the oldest, most historic sites in the country! 

This evening concluded with a parish visit to Holy Dormition Greek Orthodox Church in Somerville and was followed by a very special staff-led session in the Holy Cross Chapel titled, "Night with the Saints." In this session, the participants were divided into small groups to “meet” different saints, venerate icons and relics in the Holy Cross Chapel, and learn what sainthood means. The takeaway of the evening was that every person has the opportunity and calling to be a saint.

As you can see, it has been a busy few days! The participants are learning so much and are already bonding so closely as a group! They are eager to learn and are having a lot of fun!

We are uploading pictures each afternoon to the CrossRoad website. Visit http://www.crossroadinstitute.org/crossroad-live to view the photos. Also, check out and like our Facebook page to see the picture of the day at www.facebook.com/crossroadyouth.

For more information, please contact Kyra Limberakis, CrossRoad Assistant Director and Parent Liason, at 215-206-0580.