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Dr. Marian Simion Appointed Honorary Adviser to the Romanian Parliament

On July 1, 2015, Dr. Marian Gh. Simion was appointed Honorary Adviser to Senator Ben-Oni Ardelean, Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Romanian Senate, and his cabinet at the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest, Romania.

According to the letter of appointment, “Dr. Simion’s responsibility is administering the international affairs and communication of Senator Ben-Oni Ardelean with the American governmental institutions, federal, state and local, with American organizations which have the purpose of developing bilateral relations in the cultural environment or of business with Romania, as well as with the Romanian community in the United States of America.”

Educated in our schools, Dr. Simion is an alumnus of Hellenic College (BA '98) and of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (MTS '00), and has been teaching Religious and Interdisciplinary Studies at Hellenic College since 2004. During the past year, he served as Administrator of the Religious Studies Program at Hellenic College. Dr. Simion holds a PhD in Public and International Affairs from Northeastern University in Boston (where his academic adviser was former Governor Michael S. Dukakis), and recently completed a post-doctorate in religion and diplomacy at Harvard Divinity School, where he has served as Field Education Supervisor since 2006. In the recent past, he taught peace ethics at Boston College and government at Harvard University. In Romania, Dr. Simion is a frequent guest of TrinitasTV of the Romanian Patriarchate, where this past July he spoke about the global phenomenon of religious fundamentalism and Islamism, also sharing his thoughts about a Turkish-funded mega-mosque planned to be built in Bucharest.

According to Dr. Simion, “As a dual citizen of Romania and of the United States of America, serving the interests of my native country and also of my adoptive country, it is not only a great privilege, but also a strenuous responsibility, given the world we live in.” Romania is the third largest Eastern Orthodox country in the world, after Russia and Ukraine. According to The World Factbook of the Central Intelligence Agency, Romania’s religious demographics include 81.9% Orthodox Christians, 6.4% Protestants, 4.3% Roman Catholics, 6.3 % unspecified, 0.9% other religions (including Muslims), and 0.2% atheists.

Dr. Marian Simion is the founder of the Institute for Peace Studies in Eastern Christianity (www.orthodoxpeace.org) and serves as a chanter at St. Parascheva Romanian Orthodox Church in Wakefield, MA, which he co-founded in 1996 while a student at Hellenic College.