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HCHC Announces 2018 Summer Programs

This summer promises to be a busy one on—and off—our campus, with a variety of programs bringing fresh faces and ideas to Hellenic College Holy Cross. More information and registration information for each program will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

Summer Programs

Summer Session | May 22-June 19

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Philosophy of Evil
    How to reconcile a powerful and infinitely good God with so much apparently pointless suffering has been one of the major dilemmas of many philosophers and theologians since Epicurus (4 th century BC). Traditionally, the question of evil was posed in a religious context; the same question would lose its religious connotation after the period of Enlightenment. In the last century, the focus shifted to large-scale atrocities (the Holocaust, torture, genocides), as well as to psychological and sociological theories of evil. This course proposes a historical overview of a variety of solutions for the controversy between a good God and evil. 

  • World War II: State, Society, and Ideology
    This course will examine the relationship between the state and society in World War II through the prism of ideology. What were the official ideologies? How did they come to be? How were they propagated by the state? To what extent were these ideologies embraced by the masses? How did they impact the people and their plight, both at the war front and on the home front? In exploring these issues, students will encounter scholarly articles, eyewitness accounts, propaganda posters, diplomatic documents, wartime and postwar documentaries, and historical video and audio clips. Particular emphasis will be placed on the ideologies of the major combatants in the war, including Germany, the USSR, Great Britain, France, and the United States.   

Graduate Course:

  • Prayer in New Testament and Early Christianity
    The Orthodox Church is known for its beautiful written prayers. Together we pray words that have been spoken by Orthodox Christians for centuries; some of our most central prayers, like the “Thrice Holy Hymn” and the “Our Father” go all the way back to the time of our Lord and to the Old Testament. Why is it that as Orthodox we pray the prayers of our forefathers and mothers, and that we follow these formal patterns in our worship of the Trinity? The Orthodox Church bends toward the well-tested tradition; we sing from our common hymnbook. In this course, we will study ancient Christian prayers belonging to the first four centuries, especially those with biblical phrases and quotations. The “Our Father,” which Jesus taught us to prayer, will be of special interest, including the commentaries written about it by in the early patristic writings. We will also study the phenomenon of early Christian prayers being based on Old Testament archetypes, and what this tendency toward “scripturalization” of prayers means to our faith. It is hoped that students will gain a greater awareness and appreciation for some of the biblical stories and characters that lie behind many of the prayers of the church, heroes of faith whom God saved through their prayers. We will thus rediscover some prayers that, I hope, will inspire us today, and give us a greater appreciation for the tradition of Christian prayer.

Contact: Jay Ostrosky, Registrar (jostrosky@hchc.edu).

Kallinikeion Institute | May 22-June 19

An intensive Modern Greek language program offering courses at the beginner and intermediate levels. 

Contact: Dr. Mata Dova (sdova@hchc.edu).

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Diaconate Program | June 24-July 1

An educational and formational initiative of the Holy Eparchial Synod of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology intended for individuals who are interested in serving the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America as deacons.

Registration Deadline: May 1, 2018. Contact: Fr. Gregory Floor (gfloor@hchc.edu).

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Pappas Patristic Institute | June 25-29

A unique opportunity to study and discuss classic Patristic texts through small group study and faculty lectures.

Contact: Dr. Bruce Beck (bbeck@hchc.edu).

Training Laborers for the Lord | June 25-29

A five-day program offering Orthodox Christians of all jurisdictions an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the faith and enrich their spiritual lives. Courses include:

  • Introduction to Orthodox Spirituality – V. Rev. Dr. Maximos Constas
    This course is designed as a general introduction to the history, literature, and practice of Orthodox Spirituality. The course begins with (1) an introductory lecture exploring the meaning and place of spirituality in the ​Orthodox ​Church, and the challenges of following a spiritual path in the modern world. We will then survey (2) the major sources of Orthodox spirituality, from the Sayings of the Desert Fathers to the work of modern elders and spiritual teachers. Our third meeting will focus on (3) the various stages of the spiritual life, with emphasis on actual practices and ways of living. The final two meetings (4-5) consider the Philokalia and the Prayer of the Heart (the “Jesus Prayer”).

  • Reading Scripture through the Church Year – Dr. Bruce Beck
    This course will explore the ways Scripture is read within the services and lectionary cycle of the Orthodox Church, in order to receive spiritual benefits from the practice of reading scripture as Orthodox Christians. The course will examine how the Scripture is used within a select number of the major liturgical feasts (e.g. Nativity, Epiphany, Exaltation of the Holy and Life Giving Cross, etc.), including their hymns, icons, and scriptural texts, in order to become better tuned to the Orthodox (Patristic) methods of biblical interpretation. Our goal throughout is to gain knowledge, resources, and practices that can aid in the spiritual journey of each participant. By reading together select hymns, scripture passages, and studying festal icons, we hope to imitate their lofty veneration of the Scriptures, and be mentored by their illumined ways of interpreting them within a liturgical context. In addition, participants will gain a greater appreciation for the continuity between the Old Testament and the life of the Church, especially as biblical characters are lifted up as models of faith, and as biblical events are lifted up as foreshadowing the events of salvation of the Christian faith. Primary sources will include the Festal Menaion, festal icons, the Triodion, Kontakia of St. Romanos the Melodist, hymns by St. John of Damascus and others, all of which demonstrate beautifully for us Orthodox ways of reading Scripture within the liturgical cycle of the Orthodox Church.

Registration Deadline: May 1, 2018. Contact: Jay Ostrosky, Registrar (jostrosky@hchc.edu).

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Crossroad Summer Institute | June 16-26, July 2-12, Chicago July 21-31

A ten-day academic summer institute that prepares high school juniors and seniors to make big life decisions and connect with the Orthodox Christian theological and spiritual tradition.

Application Deadline: February 1. Learn more and apply online at www.crossroadinstitute.org.

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Dates subject to change.