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Asia Minor Travel Seminar

Summer 2018 Asia Minor Travel Seminar: 
Greek Orthodox Christians of Asia Minor

Researching in the Archives of the Center for Asia Minor Studies (Athens) with a tour of northern Greece (Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Xanthi, and Komotini)

June 10-30, 2018

The seminar will introduce undergraduate and graduate students to the history of the Christian communities that existed in late Ottoman Asia Minor. The seminar will be set in the Center for Asia Minor Studies, under the direction of Prof. Paschalis Kitromilides, with a focus on the Oral History accounts of refugees recounting life in their Asia Minor villages prior to their uprooting by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923. The second portion of the seminar will be a trip to northern Greece to visit refugee settlements of villages that were encountered in the archives, examining the settlement conditions, and the locations of memories from Asia Minor (churches, cultural centers, etc.). The seminar may be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit through Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.  


The goals of the seminar are to:

  • Teach students about the vibrant Greek Orthodox Christian community that existed in a Muslim Ottoman society until 1923

  • Gain experience working in a major Greek archive

  • Examine the 1923 refugee villages where Greek Orthodox population of Asia Minor settled, and to examine artifacts, and talk to descendants

  • Observe bi-communal living of Christian and Muslim communities in Xanthi and Komotini, with populations that were excluded from the 1923 Lausanne Treaty

Program of Study

Goals are achieved through a two-part program. The first segment covers the general history of the Greek communities of Asia Minor and includes:

  • Historiographic questions related to the study of Christians in a Muslim society

  • The use of oral history archives as historical sources and the creation and categorization of the Center’s oral history archives

  • The general history of the Center for Asia Minor studies

  • The region’s geography, topography, economy, agriculture, political organizations, daily life and customs, religion, and festivals

The last segment consists of site visits. Students will visit Asia Minor refugee settlements in northern Greece to examine the physical locations of the settlements and the remnants of the refugee settlement buildings. Also, particular attention will be paid to Ottoman era monuments, churches, mosques, homes, and other historical buildings and artifacts that offer material context to the archival documents.


  • Attendance and daily preparation

  • Presentations on readings

  • Archival and Village Presentations

  • Participation in creation of group exhibition
  • Completion of Research Agenda of Oral History Archive material (to be determined in consultation with instructors)

    • Collection and translation of files
    • Preparation of summaries and abstracts
  • Research Journal

Students registering for the seminar as a three-credit course are also required to complete a historical paper based on Oral History sources.

Note: High intermediate/advanced knowledge of Modern Greek required. Syllabus is subject to change at instructors’ discretion.


The Asia Minor Travel Seminar is offered by Hellenic College Holy Cross in partnership with both the University of Athens and Stockton University. It is led by Professor Pachalis Kitromilides (University of Athens) and Professor Tom Papademetriou (Stockton University).

Partner Organizations

Stockton University

Centre for Asia Minor Studies


Professor Paschalis Kitromilides
Faculty of Political Science
University of Athens
Email: pkitrom@eie.gr

Professor Tom Papademetriou (Director of Travel Seminar) ​
Department of Historical Studies
Stockton University
US Tel: 609-626-6093
Email: apapadem@stockton.edu


The Asia Minor Travel Seminar is generously underwritten by the NY Life Insurance Company Center for the Study of Hellenism in Pontos and Asia Minor at Hellenic College Holy Cross. All students selected to participate will receive a fellowship to cover most seminar related expenses.

The Summer Fellowship is worth approximately $5,000.00, which includes cost of hotel accommodations (shared double rooms), some meals, travel from Athens-Thessaloniki-Halkidiki-Xanthi-Komotini-Athens, and tours. Each participant will receive a reimbursement for up to $1,500 for International (US/Athens round-trip) travel. Final reimbursement of $250 will be released upon submission of final paper. 


Applications will be announced and reviewed on a rolling basis and will continue until filled.

Upon acceptance into the program, participants will be required to register for the trip through the Stockton University Office of Global Engagement Study Abroad website.

Additional Information

For further information on receiving course credit for the seminar, please contact HCHC Registrar Jay M. Ostrosky at jostrosky@hchc.edu or 617.850.1261.

For additional information about the program, please contact Helene Taylor at htaylor@hchc.edu or 617.850.1213.