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Field Education

Theological Foundation

The theological foundation upon which the field education program rests is the conviction that theological studies cannot be separated from or unrelated to church life. There is an intimate and necessary relationship between theological study, worship, and loving service to others. As an integral part of preparation for service to the Church in today’s world, the field education program manifests the relationship between worship, theological study, and service to God’s people. The supervised field education experiences offered have one fundamental concern: to assist students in deepening their relationship to God and to nurture their vocation to serve God through the Church.


All students in the M.Div. degree program are required to complete six (6) semesters of supervised field education in order to be certified for graduation. The actual time required for field education during the semester will vary, depending upon the particular demands of each project and the student’s responsibilities.


Programs available to students in the School of Theology include the following:

Religious Education/Youth Ministry:
The focus of this program is religious nurture and development.
Parish Ministry:
The focus of this program is centered on the various aspects of parish life. These include pastoral visitations, preaching, worship, and administration.
Hospital Ministry:
Ministry to the sick and suffering. The program takes place at area hospitals and is coordinated from the seminary.
Ministry to the Elderly:
The focus of this program is on the specific needs and concerns of the aged and infirm. The program takes place within the context of the Hospital Ministry Program at both the Hellenic Nursing Home in Canton, Massachusetts, and the Holy Trinity Nursing Home in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Campus Ministry:
The focus of this program is on serving the spiritual needs of college students in the Greater Boston area.
Prison Ministry:
Ministry to inmates of area correctional institutions.
Orthodox Access/Internet Ministries:
An outreach ministry via the Internet to persons with a variety of questions and concerns.
Summer Ministry:
With the approval of the Director of Field Education, specific programs offered during the summer months may be credited toward the supervised field education requirements. Such programs may include church-related projects and camping ministry.
Orthodox Mission Internships:
Involvement in the missions projects sponsored by the Orthodox Christian Missions Center (OCMC)
BTI Field Education Programs:
With the approval of the Director of Field Education, students may enroll in supervised field education programs made available by the member schools of the Boston Theological Institute
Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center (AMERC):
Programs in rural parish ministry available in the summer and during semester break.

Field Education Manual

For further information, consult the Field Education Manual.

The following documents are available for download in PDF format: