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Academic Programs at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

HCHC is the intellectual, educational and spiritual center of the Greek Orthodox Church in America stimulating, developing and sustaining ordained and lay vocations for service to Church and society based on faith.

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Graduate Programs

Master of Divinity

Prepare for a life of ordained or lay ministry with this intensive graduate program. Learn and articulate the Orthodox tradition in its pastoral, liturgical, biblical, patristic, dogmatic, canonical, ethical, and missionary aspects. Develop knowledge, sensitivity and faithfulness to the Church’s liturgical life through daily worship. Directed formation opportunities and supervised field education ties classroom learning with real-life experience. MDiv graduates become priests, deacons, theologians, chaplains, religious educators, or pursue further graduate studies in a wide variety of disciplines.

Master of Theological Studies

Gain proficiency in and understanding of Orthodox history and theology. The two-year MTS degree prepares students through the study of such disciplines as church history, dogmatics, ethics, scripture, patristics, and canon law. Students must demonstrate competency in New Testament Greek. Learn to think theologically and critically about the Orthodox Christian tradition in today’s world.

Master of Theology

Obtain a scholarly concentration in your chosen theological discipline. The ThM is a research-oriented degree with a thesis component. Candidates focus on either biblical, systematic, historical, or practical theology while demonstrating competency in one ancient language and one modern language (in addition to English). ThM graduates go on to pursue studies at the doctoral level, teach, or enhance their ministries with scholarship.