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Hellenic College Faculty Directory



His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America
Distinguished Professor, Biblical Studies and Christian Origins, LicTh, ThD, PhD

Demetrios S. Katos
Dean and Professor, Religious Studies, BA, MDiv, MA, PhD

Bruce Beck
Assistant Professor of New Testament (Holy Cross), Director of the Religious Studies Program (Hellenic College), and Director of the Pappas Patristic Institute, AB, MDiv, ThD

Stamatia Dova
Professor, Classics and Greek Studies, BA, MA, PhD

Nicholas Ganson
Visiting Assistant Professor of History, BA, MA, PhD

Ellen Lanzano
Professor of English and Director, Literature and History, BA, MA, PhD

Athina-Eleni G. Mavroudhis
Lecturer and Director, Human Development, BA, MS, PhDc

Alice McIntyre
Professor and Director, Elementary Education, BS, MA, MEd, PhD

Aristotle Michopoulos
Professor and Director, Classics and Greek Studies, BA, MA, PhD

John M. Poirier
Visiting Professor and Interim Director, Management and Leadership, BSBA, MBA, MSOD, EdD

Kathleen Ryan
Associate Professor, Elementary Education, BA, MA, MEd, PhD

Dn. Michael Tishel
Lecturer, Religious Studies, Assistant Director of the Office of Vocation & Ministry, Director of the CrossRoad Summer Institute, BA, MA

Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

Ann Bezzerides: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, and Director, Office of Vocation and Ministry, BA, MDiv, PhD

Marya Dantzer: Adjunct Assistant Professor, English, BA, MA, PhD

Jason Dupuis: Adjunct Instructor, Health Management, BA, MHA

Sebastien Falardeau: Adjunct Instructor, French, BPhil, MA, PhD (cand)

Dena Fehrenbacher: Adjunct Instructor, Literature and History, BA, MA, PhD (cand)

Zachary Held: Adjunct Instructor of Human Development, BA, MA, PhD (cand)

Vasileios Ioannou: Adjunct Instructor, Modern Greek, BA, MA, PhD (cand)

Michael Kisembo: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Management and Leadership, BA, MTS, MBA, DBA

Rev. Paul Kolbert: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, BA, MDiv, MA, STM, PhD

Sarah Lupis: Adjunct Instructor, Human Development, BA, MA, PhD (cand)

Gabriel McHugh: Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics, BA, MA (cand)

Ioana Popa: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Human Development, MD

Ruth Prakasam: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Literature and History, BA, MA, MPhil, PhD

Albert Qose: Adjunct Instructor, Art, BA

Sarah Quatrale: Adjunct Instructor, Elementary Education, BA, MA

Jonathan Resmini: Adjunct Instructor, Religious Studies, BA, MA

Alexander Rodriguez: Adjunct Instructor, Management and Leadership, BA, MBA

Lana Sloutsky: Adjunct Instructor, Art, BA, MA, PhD (cand)

Leon Steinmetz: Adjunct Instructor, Art, MA

Tone Svetelj: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Philosophy, BA, MA, PhD

Andreas Triantafyllou: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Modern Greek, MA, MA, PhD

Jane Tsao: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Human Development, BS, MD, MAR, MANT, ThM

Rev. Demetrios Tonias: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, BS, MDiv, ThM, PhD

Rev. Luke Veronis: Adjunct Instructor, Religious Studies, and Director, Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity, BS, MDiv, ThM

Rev. Anton Vrame: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, BA, MDiv, PhD

Professors Emeriti

Lily Macrakis: Professor of Modern European History Emerita, LicPhil, AM, PhD

John Chirban: Professor of Psychology Emeritus, BA, MDiv, ThM, PhD, ThD