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Aristotle Michopoulos

Professor and Director of the Classics and Greek Studies Program

BAUniversity of Athens
MAGraduate Center of the City University of New York
PhDFlorida State University


Aristotle Michopoulos is Professor and Director of Greek Studies at Hellenic College, where from 1995-1996 and 1997-2002, he served as Dean and Acting Dean of Hellenic College. A graduate of the University of Athens, the CUNY Graduate Center, and Florida State University, he taught at Florida State University and the University of Florida, where he served as Associate Director of the Greek Studies Program, prior to his appointment as Greek Studies Director at Hellenic College. Through academic scholarships from the Greek Government Foundation (IKY), the U.S. Government Department of Education and Fulbright Foundation, he was able to advance his studies and conduct research in Greece and the United States. Aside from journal articles, book chapters, and translations of Greek prose and poetry, he authored the following books: Gia Mia Nea Delphike Idea, Gia mia Kyvernese apo to Lao gia to Lao (in Greek), and The Kotylion Language Dominance Test. He also edited a series of books on Greek Bilingual Education, published by the U.S. Department of Education. His research interests evolve around the Greek language, history, and education, especially the Greek American scene. He is currently working on a comparative analysis between the Ancient Greek and American History.

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  • Intermediate Modern Greek I

  • Intermediate Modern Greek II

  • Advanced Modern Greek I

  • Advanced Modern Greek II

  • The Greek American Experience

  • History of Modern Hellenism

  • Greek American Literature

Aristotle Michopoulos

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