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Honors Program

The Honors Program of Hellenic College is a specialized venture to encourage highly motivated students in their quest for academic excellence. Through the Honors Program, students are actively guided to go beyond formal instruction in their individual programs to develop skills that deepen understanding of their field in context with studies of other disciplines. 

The heart of this program is the yearly seminars. These interdisciplinary courses provide appreciation of the intellectual and social forces that shape the world. The yearly seminars are devoted to interdisciplinary study of major themes, lives, or events, drawing upon the arts and sciences. In addition to the seminars, faculty and students participate in collaborative learning experiences that include inviting speakers to campus, showcasing students’ work, and joining one another for dinner and conversation. Honors students must maintain a cumulative B+ average in their honors courses, as well as in all other coursework.

The capstone of the Honors curriculum is the senior thesis, an extended research project prepared under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Graduate and professional schools, as well as prospective employers, recognize the thesis as a clear indication of a student’s ability to do independent work at an advanced level. 

Honors students complete 9 credits by taking the three Honors seminars. Students earn an additional 6 credits for a completed Honors thesis. Students are required to prepare an Honors thesis of B+ or higher quality.


Students may be recommended by the Admissions Committee, faculty members, or directly apply for participation in the Honors Program. All applicants must have at least a 3.5 GPA. Students can request an Honors Program application from the Admissions Office. The completed application is returned to the Admissions Office. Faculty members who participate in the Honors Program review all applications. The invitation to join the Honors Program is determined by a majority vote of those faculty members. Incoming first-year students, as well as currently enrolled freshmen and sophomores, are eligible to apply.       

Deadline for filing applications is Friday, March 31, 2017.

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