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Summer Courses


About Kallinikeion Institute 

The Kallinikeion Institute at Hellenic College Holy Cross is an intensive Modern Greek language program sponsored by the Kallinikeion Foundation. The program offers two courses in Modern Greek, one at the Beginning and one at the Intermediate level. Each course meets for an average of 5h/day, Monday through Friday, offering 102 hours of instruction in Modern Greek and 6 credits towards graduation. 

The Kallinikeion Institute provides its students with an abundance of opportunities to explore Greek culture, music, and literature, through program activities and HCHC resources. In the inspiring Boston academic environment, Kallinikeion students combine their study of Modern Greek with museum visits, traditional Greek music concerts, Greek poetry recitation, and other educational events. 

All HCHC students are eligible for scholarships.

2018 Kallinikeion Institute Information

  1. The 2018 session will run from Tuesday, May 22–Tuesday, June 19.

  2. Students wishing to enroll in Intermediate Modern Greek I & II at the Kallinikeion Institute must have a grade of B- or higher in Beginning Modern Greek IIb, Beginning Modern Greek II, or equivalent.

  3. Due to scheduling issues, Holy Cross students (and especially GOA Seminarians) are advised to enroll in the Kallinikeion the summer before their second year of studies.

  4. Two $500 Kallinikeion Academic Excellence Awards, one for Beginning Modern Greek I and one for Intermediate Modern Greek I & II, are awarded to the student(s) who excel academically in their course.

  5. The program includes 6 credits and daily lunch. Net tuition and fees (after scholarships) is $975 for currently enrolled HCHC students and $2,600 for non-enrolled students.

  6. For more information, please contact Jay Ostrosky, Registrar, at 617.850.1261 or jostrosky@hchc.edu.


Syllabus / Beginning 

Syllabus / Intermediate


The Missiology of Archbishop Anastasios (Yannoulatos) of Albania and Practical Evangelism in Albania is a 3-credit summer class offered in May/June. The course provides an in-depth study of the life, missiology and writings of Archbishop Anastasios (Yannoulatos) of Albania and examines how he has practically lived out this missiology through his ministry in the Church of Albania. The course looks at the foundation and calling of missions.

As a part of the class, we study the resurrection of the Church of Albania over the past 20 years, examining and analyzing the successes of how the church has succeeded in living out the missiology of the Archbishop, and where the church has not yet lived up to this missiology.

The first week of the class is taught on campus at HCHC, followed by a 12-day mission practicum in Albania, where students witness the resurrection of the Church of Albania, meet missionaries and the indigenous leaders of the Church, and participate in an evangelism program within the country.

This class and trip are highly subsidized by the Missions Institute, which thus allows the students to participate in the class and trip for $1,000, including airfare.