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Literature and History Program

Mission Statement

The mission of Literature and History is to equip students with a broad understanding of the ways in which literature and the historical aspects of different fields in the humanities intersect. Canonical literary works, supplemented by the philosophical and religious history of world cultures, still comprise the major portion of our mental past. The program is designed to introduce students to the debates about literature and culture that shape our intellectual lives and cultivate humane influence in the process of effecting change. Literature and History is a writing intensive program of study, and as such, its mission is to enhance the skills of critical thinking, articulation, and research.  

Program Objectives

Graduates will:

  1. Acquire an overview of the historical importance of literature.

  2. Demonstrate that the critical study of literature has helped them to think carefully and express themselves well.

  3. Demonstrate preparedness to enter the world with critical acumen as well as compassion born of wide reading, and with the skills needed to carry their convictions into action, no matter what line of work they pursue.

  4. Be prepared for graduate study in a wide variety of fields, including education, law, policy studies, social work, journalism, among many others.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students majoring in Literature and History will:

  1. Demonstrate analytical skills in reading literature with depth and insight by writing incisive, cogently argued essays.

  2. Demonstrate awareness of the historical context that shapes literary culture in particular times and places.

  3. Demonstrate familiarity with major authors, works, genres, and movements in literary tradition.

  4. Demonstrate knowledge of critical theory and documentation methods.

Admission Requirements

Students wishing to join the program in Literature and History will demonstrate competency in the general education requirements at Hellenic in English and history:  English Composition I and II, World History I and II, and one History elective and one Literature elective.

Degree Requirements

Literature and History Core Requirements:

  • Major British Writers (3 cr.)
  • World Literature (3 cr.)
  • Russian Literature (3 cr.)
  • Shakespeare Seminar (3 cr.)
  • American Literature (3 cr.)
  • The Literature of Vocation (3 cr.)
  • American History (3 cr.)
  • History Elective (3 cr.)
  • Classical Mythology (3 cr.)
  • Classics Electives (6 cr.)
  • Coming of Age Literature (3 cr.)
  • Senior Thesis I and II (6 cr.)

Total: 42 credits

The Literature and History Minor

Students in other programs at Hellenic College may choose to minor in Literature and History. As per the academic policies of Hellenic College, students may not use courses already taken in fulfillment of General Education requirements towards the minor requirement. 

Students with a minor in Literature and History will:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to analyze texts critically.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in college-level writing skills.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to conduct research in literary studies.
  4. Demonstrate relevant connections between literature and the student's major field of study.

Minor requirements:

  • American History (3 cr.)

Choose four (4) from the list of electives below:

  • Russian Literature (3 cr.)
  • Shakespeare Seminar (3 cr.)
  • Major British Writers (3 cr.)
  • World Literature (3 cr.)
  • The Literaure of Vocation (3 cr.)
  • Coming of Age Literature (3 cr.)
  • Great Books (3 cr.)
  • Classics Elective: The World of Greek Heroes (3 cr.)

Total: 15 credits