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Management and Leadership Program


The curriculum of the Management & Leadership Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to examine management and leadership concepts and skills in breadth and depth. The internship in the senior year offers students the opportunity to put into practice classroom learning and to get exposure to working in an organization setting. During the internship, students will have the opportunity to engage in special projects that will enhance specific skills and knowledge in management and leadership.

The Management & Leadership program is committed to enabling students to:

  1. be knowledgeable and perform effectively in their profession in a changing global environment;
  2. make informed and responsible personal and professional choices; 
  3. demonstrate proficiency in project management;
  4. demonstrate initiative in developing connections and networks;
  5. demonstrate ability to work collaboratively with others;
  6. demonstrate ability to write, speak and use technology effectively.


Admission Requirements

Students applying to the Management & Leadership program need to have a high school diploma (see Hellenic College admissions requirements) and an interest in developing skills and knowledge in management and leadership, whether in the private or public sectors. 

Degree Requirements

To meet the objectives of the Management & Leadership program, students must complete courses in the following areas:

Management Development:

  • Introduction to Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Management of Information Systems (MIS)
  • Strategic Management

Develop skills in finance and understanding economic factors impacting organizations:

  • Accounting I & II (Managerial Accounting)
  • Economics (Micro/Macro Economics)
  • Financial Management

Develop knowledge of key operations in running a successful enterprise:

  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operations Management

Develop an understanding of the business environment:

  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Business and Society
  • Global Management

Develop leadership skills and understanding:

  • Leadership Theory and Practice
  • Management & Leadership Seminar

Develop professional and project management skills:

  • Management & Leadership Internship (senior year)