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Benefits and Resources


The Alumni Association strives to find a variety of programs that provide useful benefits in the form of discount privileges and member services. We are pleased to provide the following benefits of membership.  Should additional benefits be added during the year, you will be notified as they become available.  Membership benefits are non-transferable and are subject to change.

All members receive a complementary subscription to the Alumni Magazine: Together Again

The membership benefits consist of three categories:

  • On-Campus Privileges
  • Special Offers
  • Gifts & Goods

On-Campus Benefits

  • Access to HCHC Fitness Center-  Whether you are visiting the Brookline area or live in the area, as Alumni you are invited to take advantage of the new state-of-the-art Fitness Center.  Call (617) 850-1277 prior to your visit to arrange.
  • Access to HCHC Library - Alumni are always invited to take advantage of the Archbishop Iakovos Library on campus.  Contact the library directly at (617) 850-1223. NEW!


Office of Alumni Relations