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Letter from the President

November 5, 2014

Dear Fellow Alumni,

It is with gratitude to God and renewed enthusiasm for our Alma Mater that I greet you all with this message as your recently re-elected president of the Association for another two years. It has been a great blessing to be a part of the Alumni Association over the past several years but increasingly so these past several months. There are so many wonderful things happening with our Alumni and I am excited to share some of them with you now.

We have realized for awhile now that the largest gathering of Alumni of our school happens not on campus at 50 Goddard Avenue, but wherever the Archdiocesan Clergy-Laity Congress is held every two years. We have tried to prioritize our efforts there, focusing on connecting with as many of you as we can at the assembly and bringing us all together for the school's wine and cheese reception. This year, at the reception, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios presented the Distinguished Ministries award to Brother Charlie Anthony, for his inspiring work at Panagia Philanthropini in northern Greece. We also had our roaming reporter and cameraman, Presvytera Chrysoula Kourkounti, interview dozens of Alumni about their years at the school and how it was of benefit to them in their current vocations and ministries, while gathering important current contact information from them. Many Alumni also stopped by the HCHC booth in the exhibit hall and gave us updated contact information. Finally, we were able to help the office of Institutional Advancement gather over 60 additional parish partners bringing our total to over 200 (which currently is up to 229!). This is a great accomplishment because the work of HCHC's Parish Partners will help our school and our Archdiocese significantly in a few important ways. Parish Partners help our Schole by (1) building its awareness among the faithful, (2) extending the school's student recruitment efforts into the parishes, and (3) helping to raise funds.

Back on campus, we are anxiously awaiting the hiring of a full-time director of the Alumni office within the next few months. This is the first time in the history of the association that a director of the Alumni Office will not have other responsibilities at the school, though he or she will also be a part of the office of Institutional Advancement team and under the direct supervision of Fr. Jim Katinas. In the meantime, we are working hard to improve our alumni database, expand our current board by adding lay representatives from each metropolis or jurisdiction, and connect all of you more fully to the school through (1) our "plug-in committee', (2) expanding the Reunion week honorees to include those celebrating 10-year anniversaries, (3) encouraging and supporting the school's initiative's in long-distance learning through the Internet, and (4) updating and improving the Alumni section of the HCHC website.

In recognition that an amazing era of vitality and growth is now coming to close with the retirement of Fr. Nicholas Triantafilou as President of the school this spring, we are planning to honor him and his accomplishments in a unique way, which we will be sharing with all of you shortly while asking for your assistance to ensure that it happens. 

Stay tuned, there's more to come!


Rev. Theodore Petrides
President HCHC Alumni Association