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Student Health Insurance

As mandated by the State of Massachusetts, all full-time (12 credit hours) and three-quarter time (9 credit hours) are automatically enrolled in the Insurance Plan, unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished. All students are billed for insurance coverage in the fall semester. When proof of other insurance is supplied, the charges are then removed. Students are asked to fill out a waiver form during financial clearance.


Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is obtained. Eligible students who do enroll may also insure their dependents. Eligible dependents are the spouse and unmarried children under 19 years of age who are not self-supporting. Dependent eligibility expires concurrently with that of the insured student.


Students are now able to access insurance information on line at http://www.studentresources.com/ or by calling (800) 767-0700. You will have the ability to speak with a nurse, either online or by telephone 24/7. There are many medical facilities near the College that will be able to attend to a student’s health needs. The Human Resources Office has specific information on these facilities. Please feel free to contact our Human Resources Office if you need assistance in finding a facility either by phone at 617-850-1294 or by e-mail.

Download and print the 2015-2016 Student Health Insurance Brochure >>

Download and print the 2015-2016 Student Health Insurance Summary >>


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