Work Study Program

The Hellenic College Holy Cross (HCHC) Work Study Program provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students regardless of financial need. The program encourages community service work as well as work related to courses of study. It also includes on-campus administrative positions available from a variety of school departments.

What will I be paid and how many hours will I work?

The current wage rate is $12.00/hour. Off-campus positions pay a slightly higher wage rate due to travel expenses that may be incurred by the student.

Your award will accommodate an average of 10 to 12 hours of work weekly. This may vary depending on your other obligations and academic requirements. The maximum a student may work on-campus is 15 hours per week.

What types of jobs are available?

There are several types of jobs both on-campus and off-campus.

Off-Campus Jobs 

  • Community Service – These are paid opportunities available through non-profit organizations that are directed toward improving the quality of life for community residents, particularly low-income individuals and individuals with specific needs.

  • The America Reads/America Counts Programs – These programs are designed to provide tutoring to area children in need of additional help in reading or mathematical competency. These have proven to be excellent ways for students to serve the needs of the community while obtaining rewarding and enriching experience through the Federal Work Study program.

On-Campus Jobs

  • Part-time positions are available from most of the HCHC administration departments. Students awarded Work Study and interested in on-campus jobs should review the listing of openings.

Where are the job postings listed?

Historically in the first two weeks of school, position openings will be posted on the school's website and the job boards located in the Condakes Cafeteria and in the Human Resources office. Human Resources is located on the secind floor of the Administration Building. 

Who is eligible for the HCHC Work Study Program?

To be eligible, a student must maintain a 3.0 grade average, complete the Work Study Program Application, and submit an updated resume to the Office of Financial Aid. Federal Work Study positions are available to students who qualify. They require the same application process. 

Once approved for eligibility by Michael Kirchmaier, Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships, the student will have the opportunity to peruse the open listing of available positions

The Contact person will notify the candidate directly via e-mail to arrange an interview and will also notify the candidate directly if he/she has been accepted or not accepted for the position. 

If selected, the candidate must complete and submit the following forms to the Human Resources office located in the Administration Building. Each of these forms can be accessed through this website or from the Human Resources Department and require completion only once, regardless of how many jobs the student may apply for.

How do I apply for a Work Study position?

Work Study Process – as Easy as 1.2.3.

Required Forms

W-4 Form

To complete your W-4, please follow the directions as stated on the W-4 form. You will have to claim a certain number of “allowances” on your W-4. We are not legally allowed to give advice on how to complete this form, so you may wish to ask your parents for assistance.

I-9 Form

If you are working on campus for the first time, you must complete a Federal I-9 Form to verify employment eligibility.

Please bring the following ORIGINAL documents to Human Resources:

  • Social Security card OR birth certificate bearing an official seal
  • Driver’s License or another form of state-issued photo ID, (i.e. non-driver ID, Hellenic College Holy Cross ID, etc.)


  • U.S. passport (The passport establishes both identify and employment authorization and can be used without additional support.)

To read the complete list of acceptable forms of identification, please visit

Please understand, a student is NOT allowed to work on campus until the I-9 form and supporting original documents are provided to Human Resources.

Student Employment and Confidentiality Agreement

Form acknowledging your acceptance of HCHC confidentiality terms.

Once these documents are on file with Human Resources, a “Work Paper” will be prepared for the student. The “Work Paper” authorizes the student to legally work on campus, and is given to the student’s new supervisor. A student will need a “Work Paper” for any position that he/she fills.

The supervisor will complete their portion of the work paper, retain one copy and give the original to the student. The original will be returned to HR, filed, and used as authorization to allow the student to begin work.

Please contact the Human Resources Department at (617) 850-1294 or by email at if you have any questions about student employment.

How is compensation received by the student?

Hellenic College Holy Cross deposits all student employment earnings directly into the student’s bank account. To get this set up, the student must complete a Payroll Direct Deposit Form and bring a blank voided check or savings account information to the Human Resources office. Please know the student will receive one ‘live’ check prior to the direct deposit going into effect.

The student must complete his/her timesheets via the ADP payroll portal. This portal electronically routes timesheets to the student’s supervisor for approval and submits hours for payroll processing. 

Student workers who do not submit their timesheets or submit them late will receive their compensation in the next scheduled payroll cycle.

Office of Financial Aid
Hours of Operation

10:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.


Michael Kirchmaier
Director of Financial Aid
Office: 617.850.1239
Cell & Text: 617.417.5106
Skype: hellenicfinancialaid