Work Study Process – Easy as 1.2.3.

  1. Review the listing of Work Study Positions and select any of interest to you.

  2. Complete the Work Study Application (one per job), attach your updated resume, and email both to Michael Kirchmaier, Director of Financial Aid.

  3. WAIT for e-mail from Michael Kirchmaier notifying you that the paperwork has been processed.

  4. E-mail or telephone the job contact to arrange an interview.

  5. After the interview, WAIT for an e-mail from the contact person to determine if you were accepted for the position.

  6. If not selected, you may apply for other positions using the same documents. If selected:

    • Obtain the approval signature on the Work Study Application from the hiring supervisor.

    • Complete:

a. W-4 Form
b. I-9 Form with supporting documentation
c. Student Employment and Confidentiality Agreement

    • Return to Human Resources:

a. Approved Work Study Application
b. W-4 Form
c. I-9 Form with supporting documentation
d. Student Employment and Confidentiality Agreement

Human Resources will process and file your paperwork. The approved Work Study Application will remain in your HR file and will serve as authorization for you to begin work.

Compensation and Time Sheets

All HCHC students’ earnings are deposited directly into the student’s bank account. Prepare and submit the Payroll Direct Deposit Form to Human Resources when you are notified you have been selected for a position. 

All hours worked are electronically reported to the ADP payroll portal

ADP Training Videos

ADP Tutorial – Login Credentials

ADP Tutorial – Entering Time

ADP Tutorial – Approving Timecards

Remember to follow these three easy steps:

1. Complete Work Study Application
Email with updated resume to

2. Select job from the available work study listings.

3. Wait for email approval from Financial Aid before setting up an interview.