I Solved This By Myself!

The $50 Monthly IT Contest

In order to encourage users to improve their computer skills and reduce their dependence on expert help for simple computer problems, the HCHC IT Department initiates a monthly contest entitled “I Solved This By Myself!”

Every month, the IT Department will choose one of the problems submitted by the users via the help desk support system as the “IT problem of the month”. The users will have one full month to find a solution to the problem, using any means available to them (like the Internet, books, FAQ’s, technical documentation etc.) – but they cannot ask anyone for help.

The IT Department will choose the best user-submitted solution, and will indicate the winner. The problem description and the winning solution will be included in an article which will be added to the HCHC IT Knowledge Base.

The winner of the contest will receive a $50 prize, her/his name will be advertised to the entire HCHC community, and she/he will co-author the technical article that will be published in the IT Knowledge Base.

The contest is open to all HCHC Faculty and Staff, with a few exceptions: IT staff members and their families, users with degrees in computer science or related fields, and power-users (defined as users with advanced computer skills, whose only benefit from participating in the contest would be the $50).


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