Technical Support

Technical Support for Faculty and Staff


The HCHC IT Department offers technical support to Faculty and Staff via the Help Desk System. Students receive IT support directly in the computer lab, and do not need to submit support tickets through the Help Desk.

Submit a Help Desk ticket here.

To submit a ticket by phone, please call the IT Help Desk at 617-399-1460.

Please always submit a support ticket in order to get IT/telecom support. Direct calls for support to IT Staff members’ extensions are disruptive and counterproductive. No support request will be considered if it is not submitted through the Help Desk system.

Help Desk Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am - 12pm; 1pm - 5pm

The Help Desk will not be available during holidays, or during any other period when the school is closed. If you call the Help Desk and reach the answering machine, please leave a message and the next available technician will call you back as soon as possible.

Before calling for IT support, please read the Knowledge Base articles! Most of the answers to common problems/tasks are already in there...

The Process of Resolving Support Tickets

In order to resolve IT and telecom issues in a timely and efficient manner, the HCHC IT Department has developed a four level user support system. We expect this system to help us achieve a greater number of solved problems per staff/hour.

Level 0 - Try to find the answer yourself! If the problem you're having starts with "How do I..." chances are you can find the answer yourself using the Knowledge Base or searching the web with Google (or any other search engine).

Level 1Student IT Associates: they will either resolve the problem over the phone, or will submit a meaningful support ticket to Level 2 (with an accurate technical description of the problem.)

Level 2Professional IT Associates and/or more experienced student staff: will resolve the problems unsolved by Level 1, or will escalate the problem to Level 3

Level 3Expert IT Associates / CIO: will either resolve the problem, or contract external services.

All support tickets are logged into an electronic system by the Level 1 IT associates, and users submitting a ticket will receive a confirmation and status updates via email. This system allows the IT Department to assess its own efficiency, as well as determine when certain users need training in order to improve their IT skills.


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