IT Policies & Forms

The Policies & Forms area of our website's IT section provides access to the necessary policies and procedures to ensure a safe, organized, convivial and empowering IT environment, as well as to frequently-requested forms. This area does not include policies procedures and forms pertaining areas other than IT.

Brief Guidelines for Students:

All HCHC students have unlimited Internet access in the two Computer Labs, in the Classrooms and Library and in the Polemanakos Dormitory. In the Computer Labs and the Library, students are supposed to print using exclusively the available workstations. Connecting personal computers to the school's network via wired wallports in these areas is strictly prohibited. Students can connect to the Internet and the school's network using their personal computersonly where a wireless connection is available (802.11 b/g). In order to use this wireless connection, the students must have a working 802.11 b/g wireless network card installed on their computers. The Student IT Associates in the Computer Lab can assist with the software configuration of the card.

All students are expected to abide by the HCHC policy when using the Internet. Accessing illegal, obscene or inappropriate content is strictly prohibited, and may be subject to disciplinary actions. Using peer-to-peer file-sharing programs (like Kazaa, Limeware, EMule, BitTorrent etc.) is not permitted, regardless of the type of content being shared (copyrighted or non-copyrighted).

Every HCHC student in good standing will receive a school email address. Email is the primary means of communication between students, faculty and staff. Students are expected to check their school email account on a daily basis in order to stay current with school-related communications (which may sometimes be time-critical). Students will use the school email address for any and all school-related email communications (including assignment and/or class-related emails). Using non-school email addresses (like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc.) for school-related communications is strongly discouraged. Students are not allowed to send mass emails, and the use of email for any objectionable communications is strictly prohibited (this includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate content, threats, harassment, personal advertising purposes etc.)

All students in good standing will receive a username and a password in order to access the school's network, their email account, the wireless network in the Polemanakos Dormitory and the workstations in the Computer Labs and Library. The same username and password will provide access to all these resources. The username and password should not be shared with anyone, and should be kept in a safe place (loosing them may result in a fine).

Currently, HCHC has two computer labs. Students are provided with personal network storage folders, but are strongly encouraged to backup their files on personal flash drives. At the end of each semester, the students are required to remove all their files from their network storage folders.


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