Christ is Born, Glorify Him!

In appreciation for contributions to the 2015 Nativity Appeal, donors will receive a complimentary CD of the newly released Christ is Born, Glorify Him!, performed by our St. Romanos the Melodist Byzantine Choir. Under the direction of Dr. Grammenos Karanos, Assistant Professor of Byzantine Liturgical Music, the choir consists of eighteen students who are preparing to become priests, deacons, or lay leaders in the Greek Orthodox Church in the United States and abroad. Most of the choir members received their training in Byzantine Music at Holy Cross, part of whose mission is to be a center for in-depth study of the sacred art of chanting.

St. Romanos the Melodist Byzantine Choir Members

Demetri Constantine


Scott O'Rourke

Mary Beth Danckaert

Andrew Otto

Alexandra Drechsler

Antonios Papathanasiou

Samuel Herron

Christo Pappademos

Sarah Jenks

Christopher Robey

Andrew Kalina

Nicholas Roumas

Julian Kollias

John Strzelecki

Irene Koulianos

John Szymkiewicz

Emmanuel Maginas

Theophania Van Sickle