Student Housing

HCHC's residential program complements the educational mission of the school. Students who live in campus housing have certain freedoms and responsibilities. Regulations exist which are consistent with the educational purpose of the residential area. The residential environment requires those sharing a living unit to be both cooperative and considerate.

HCHC prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, handicap, or religion. All students are required to treat all individuals with respect and civility. All resident students must be able to live in a group setting understanding and respecting appropriate boundaries in terms of lifestyle, noise level, safety, hygiene, and common courtesy, and be able to function within the parameters of the resources on campus.

It is understood that resident accommodations provided by the school and student occupancy therein do not give rise to a tenancy relationship as between a landlord and tenant. Therefore, upon payment of charges set by the school for the current year and the occupancy by a student of an assigned apartment or the signing of this agreement, license for use is established and not a lease, or other tenancy.

Violation of this agreement could result in expulsion from campus housing or other disciplinary action, as deemed appropriate by the Director of Housing or the Disciplinary Committee, as indicated by the school's Student Handbook.

The Director of Housing is responsible for managing all on-campus housing units. 


Antonios A. Papathanasiou
Dean of Students