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Married Student Housing

Supplemental Information

The following information is intended to supplement the information provided in other sections of the Student Handbook, including "Residential Life" and is not intended to be comprehensive of all relevant housing policies. Married students should familiarize themselves with all sections of the Student Handbook and should contact the Director of Student Life if they have any questions.

HCHC provides a limited number of married housing apartments. However, availability is not guaranteed and currently enrolled students receive housing priority. Married housing is based on an academic year and is reviewed each summer. The following criteria must be met before placement on the wait list for an apartment:

  1. Acceptance as a HCHC student.

  2. Submission of acceptance fee.

    1. Submission of the housing deposit fee.

    2. Submission of the HCHC housing application.

Married housing students must maintain an enrollment of at least 12 credit hours per semester. Housing will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. However, family size will be taken into account to help determine housing assignments.

Students may not install their own window air conditioning units at either Halki or Dendrinos Village housing units. However, students who wish to purchase A/C window units may do so and then submit a maintenance request to the Building and Grounds department to request installation. 

HCHC provides a refrigerator, dishwasher and stove in each apartment. Students may not install their own appliances. Problems with appliances should be reported to the Director of Housing. Any misuse of HCHC appliances will be the responsibility of the student, and all replacement charges will be added to the student’s account. Washers and dryers are located in each apartment building. Personal washers and dryers may not be installed at any time.   

Balconies may not be used as storage spaces. Only patio furniture and similar items are allowed on balconies.  Barbecue grills may not be stored on a balcony as per the order of the Boston and Brookline Fire Departments.

Residents are encouraged to use the barbecue grill located in the park area of married student housing. Personal grills are permitted, but must be located behind apartments on the brick-pad provided.

Children under the age of twelve are required to wear helmets when riding bicycles or tricycles on campus. Bicycles and tricycles may not be ridden on any campus roadway. Bicycles must be stored in the bicycle rack located in the married student housing complex.

All married students and their families are invited to eat dinner in the cafeteria on community dinner night at no charge. Married students and all visitors may eat in the cafeteria at any time by paying the fees posted.

Residents are asked to maintain apartments in a clean, orderly and healthy manner at all times.   Residents experiencing problems with cleanliness or clutter will be asked to remedy the problem immediately. Residents with repeated unresolved problems in this area may be subject to the loss of housing privileges.  Other important information includes:

  1. Please do not anchor items on the wall that will cause permanent damage to the wall itself.

  2. Stenciling or wallpapering is not permitted.

  3. Only the Buildings and Grounds Department paints apartments.

  4. The Director of Housing must first approve any modifications made to the apartment. All modifications become the property of HCHC.

Married student housing residents shall keep common areas and facilities free and clear of all trash, debris, and personal items such as children’s toys, bicycles, boots, shoes, outerwear, sleds, etc. To ensure the safety of all residents, any items left in common areas may be disposed of by HCHC without notice.

Electricity is included in the housing fee for Halki Village. Electricity is not included within the Dendrinos Village housing fee. Dendrinos residents must pay directly to the electric company. You must set up an account with the utility company at www.nstaronline.com. Please contact the Director of Housing for your apartment’s physical address prior to setting up your account with the electric company.

HCHC maintains all campus grounds. No gardening, other  than flowers in pre-approved areas, will be permitted without the written consent of the Director of Housing.

All housing fees are due and payable with tuition as outlined in the School’s catalog. Housing fees are determined on a yearly basis. Each semester’s housing fees, including June, are due prior to the commencement of that semester. When you sign the Resident Agreement and move into the apartment, you are obligated to pay for the entire year of housing, as long as you are enrolled in any division of Hellenic College or Holy Cross. Withdrawal from housing does not warrant a refund unless the student meets all four of the following conditions:

  1. Does not register at Hellenic College or Holy Cross for any courses, graduates, or is dismissed for academic reasons, and

  2. Informs the Director of Housing in writing no later than June 30 for the fall semester or November 15 for the spring semester,  and

  3. Gains the approval of the Director of Housing.

  4. Is eligible for a refund

Housing charges accrue until your withdrawal has been approved, a Residence Withdrawal Form is completed, and you have completely moved out of the apartment. In the event of disciplinary suspension or dismissal from the apartment, refund of housing charges will be made as applicable.

Parents are responsible for overseeing children at all times. Children under the age of 12 must be under direct supervision at all times. In the event that a child’s behavior becomes unruly and poses a danger to the other children, the Director of Housing will take disciplinary actions, which may include removing the family from on-campus housing.

Parents and/or children may not disturb landscaped areas or planting beds. Playground areas are provided for the enjoyment of our children. Parental supervision is mandatory for all children under the age of 12. HCHC is not responsible for accidents or injury to any resident, their family members or their guests.

Apartment occupants are financially responsible for all aspects of Internet/cable/telephone services, including installation, repairs, maintenance, telephone jacks, extensions, etc. HCHC does not assume financial  responsibility for any aspect of these services.

To prevent water pipes from freezing, apartment residents should not set thermostats lower than 65 degrees, or turn heat to the off position. Damages incurred by failing to comply with this regulation will be the financial responsibility of the student.

The Director of Housing reserves the right to assign and to change student assignments at his/her discretion, to assign anyone on a temporary basis to vacancies, and to consolidate vacancies in order to achieve optimal utilization of facilities. Students who refuse to accommodate the School in its attempt to make the best use of vacant space will be subject to paying the full cost of the vacancies.

Residents who intend to vacate an apartment for reasons other than graduation must submit written notification to the Director of Housing; notification must be given sixty days in advance or the damage deposit will be forfeited. Residents who are vacating an apartment are asked to commit to a specific move-out date. The agreed-upon date will be used to determine the appropriate housing charges for the final month of occupancy. The resident must schedule a check-out appointment with the Director of Housing on the date they are scheduled to vacate.

Married students graduating in May must vacate their apartments on or before June 30. December graduates must vacate their apartment on or before December 30. Extensions may be granted to students with extenuating circumstances.


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Antonios A. Papathanasiou
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