Off-Campus Housing

If you have secured on-campus housing in the Polemanakos Dormitory, Halki Village, or Dendrinos Village, you may consider yourself fortunate, as searching for housing in Boston can be a difficult feat.

Keeping in mind that you must secure the written permission of the Director of Housing to reside off campus, the following information may be helpful to you in your search.

Because of proximity and reasonable rents, West Roxbury and Roslindale have been found desirable by our students. Both are residential neighborhoods near shopping and public transportation. If you have school-age children, renting in either of these areas will mandate that they attend Boston Public Schools. Otherwise, there are many private schools in the area that you may wish to consider.

  • Brookline - One of the best suburbs in the state. Rental costs are extremely high.

  • Roslindale - Relatively high Greek population. Working class neighborhood; well-kept apartments; direct access to public transportation; 10-15 minutes from campus.

  • Jamaica Plain - Part of Boston. Similar to Roslindale, but with a much smaller Greek population; 5 minutes from campus; has some rough neighborhoods, therefore ask around before signing a lease; areas surrounding the Jamaica Pond are generally more desirable.

  • West Roxbury - Part of Boston. Probably one of the nicest residential areas of Boston with a close proximity to the School. Most apartments are well-kept. Public transportation is available.

  • Dedham - A suburb past West Roxbury, Dedham is 15-20 minutes from campus. Neighborhoods and schools are good. Rent is less expensive than Brookline, and equal or less than West Roxbury.

The Boston Globe newspaper (especially the Sunday edition) serves as a valuable source for apartment listings. Other good sources are or

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    Antonios A. Papathanasiou
    Dean of Students