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Institutes and Centers

The following centers and institutes are funded by endowments which provide for research, conferences, lectures, and the support in their various fields.

The Stephen and Catherine Pappas Patristic Institute The goal of the Institute is the advancement and promotion of patristic studies in the service of the academy and of the Church. The primary focus will be an ecumenically sensitive study of the Greek patristic tradition broadly understood, together with the Syrian, Coptic, Armenian, Latin, and other ancient Christian traditions.  Special attention will be paid to the way in which, characteristic of Orthodox theology, patristic theology is integral to all of Christian theology. The institute sponsors two annual conferences and a week-long summer program in patristic studies. Dr. Bruce Beck is the Director of the Institute.

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The Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity – The goal of the Missions Institute is to promote a vibrant mission consciousness, especially within our Orthodox Christian Theological Schools in the United States. The primary focus is to instill an understanding of international cross-cultural missionary work. The Institute will also engender a missions consciousness for the local setting through understanding evangelism and promoting participation and support for international and domestic cross-cultural missions.  Along with sponsoring missions-related classes in both Holy Cross and Hellenic College, the two main programs of this Institute are its summer class and practicum to Albania entitled The Missiology of Archbishop Anastasios. This class takes 12 students each year to Albania for 12 days for an exciting mission experience with a pilgrimage spirit. Every Fall the Institute, in conjunction with Holy Cross’ student missions committee, sponsors the annual Missions Week, where various missionaries will spend a week on campus speaking in classes and interacting with students. This week is highlighted by the annual EFOM Missions Lecture.  Father Luke A. Veronis is the director of the Institute.

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The Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture provides funds for the advancement and promotion of Byzantine studies broadly conceived with a particular emphasis on the arts and culture of Byzantium.  

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The New York Life Center for the Study of Hellenism in Pontus and Asia Minor provides funds to support teaching, conferences and publications focusing on Hellenism in Pontus and Asia Minor.