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Alcohol and Drug Policy

The mission of Hellenic College Holy Cross is the “education and formation of the person within the life of an Orthodox Christian community.” HCHC is committed to ensuring an environment for its staff, faculty, and students that is consistent with the moral precepts of our faith as well as all applicable local, state, and federal statutes.


Alcohol Policy

Under Massachusetts law the possession, distribution, sale of alcohol is forbidden for any members of or visitors to our HCHC community under the age of 21. Members of our community under the age of 21 are required to remove themselves from social gatherings where alcohol is present.

The Orthodox Christian tradition allows for moderate and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages, while forbidding excessive drinking and drunkenness. As such, HCHC permits members of the community 21 years of age and older to possess and consume reasonable amounts of alcohol during approved school functions and within private dormitory rooms and married student housing apartments. The possession and/or use of bulk amounts of alcohol, (i.e. kegs, beerballs, etc.) or instruments for the rapid consumption of alcohol (funnels, etc.) are strictly forbidden as are all “drinking games.” Regardless of age, drinking and open containers of alcohol are prohibited in public and common areas (such as the dormitory lounges.)

Members of our community (faculty, staff, and students) are prohibited from enabling underage drinking. Any member of the HCHC community hosting a private social gathering must be aware of his or her legal responsibilities as a host (please visit socialhostliability.org for more information.)

Any organization planning an event where alcohol is to served must submit a proposal in writing to the Dean of Students for approval at least one week in advance of the event. The organization must secure the services of our food service provider, Chartwells, through the Events Office – who will in turn hire appropriate bartending services.

In light of the mission of our school, any excessive drinking and drunkenness, as well as drunk and disorderly conduct, are strictly prohibited.


Drug Policy

HCHC prohibits the possession, use, consumption, manufacturing, sale or distribution of drugs, as well as the possession, use, manufacturing or sale of drug paraphernalia. Additionally, the possession of drugs with intent to deliver, sell or manufacture is prohibited.

The term “drugs” broadly includes, without limitation, any stimulant, intoxicant (other than alcohol), nervous system depressant, hallucinogen, or other chemical substance, compound or combination when used to induce an altered state, including any otherwise lawfully available product used for any purpose other than its intended use (e.g., the misuse of prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, or household products)

HCHC takes the abuse of alcohol and drugs very seriously. Violations of the alcohol and drug policy will result in disciplinary action as highlighted in the Student Handbook on page 51.


Seeking Help

As an Orthodox Christian community, we are first and foremost concerned for the safety and wellbeing of our students. Students who voluntarily seek help for drug or alcohol abuse will not be subject to disciplinary action. Additionally, students are encouraged to seek necessary medical help for emergency situations due to the ingestion of drugs or alcohol. Calls made on behalf of self or others in such situations will not be treated as a disciplinary matter but will require follow up with the Office of Spiritual Formation and Counseling Services. Failure to follow through with these referrals will result in disciplinary action. Repeated and consistent patterns of seeking help may result in further review and the possibility of a mandated medical leave of absence.   

The Office of Spiritual Formation & Counseling Services’ (SFCS) mission is to provide HCHC students and their families with a wide variety of community resources in the areas of spiritual formation and counseling to strengthen and enhance their personal growth. SFCS supports the mission of Hellenic College/Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology by nurturing the spiritual and psychological well-being and development of all students and their families working in conjunction with the faculty, alumni and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.  These programs are available to all students and family members.  The Pastoral Care Director and Psychological Care Director coordinate the various services offered:  spiritual fathers program; spiritual and psychological assessment; and counseling and referrals (on and off-campus services available depending on need). SFCS counselors assist students and their families in resolving a wide variety of problems.  Our counselors provide short-term counseling (with referrals as needed), crisis intervention and educational seminars to the students and their families.  Students in most cases can contact a counselor directly by calling 617-850-1289 or by dropping in to the office.  Students experiencing academic difficulties can also come by.  Sometimes a spiritual father, faculty or staff member may refer students for assistance.   Seminarian candidates also may be referred for counseling subsequent to their psychological evaluation.

The SFCS office offers assessment and screening for both alcohol and substance abuse related concerns/issues. During Eisodos, the SFCS staff provides an informative session on the short and long-term effects of alcohol and substance abuse on college campuses. Students are made aware of the academic, psychological, physical, spiritual and legalistic consequences of alcohol and substance abuse. Below are a variety of online resources available for students at any point in time:

Alcohol Prevention Coalition

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services

Below are National Hotlines available for student use 24 hours a day:

Alcohol Abuse Hotline

Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
Help is available at Helpline-online.com

1-800-327-5050 (Toll free)
TTY 1-888-448-8321 (Toll free)


Antonios A. Papathanasiou
Dean of Students