Counseling & Referrals


landscaping The Office of Spiritual Formation & Counseling Services (SF/CS) assists students and their families in resolving a wide variety of problems.  Students and their families are invited to call upon the HCHC community's resources to define goals, develop strategies for change, and realize a greater understanding of self and others.  We are here to listen and offer guidance and support as you work toward resolving personal concerns and seek out ways to achieve a greater sense of wellness.  We are committed to an integration of theology and psychology and sensitive to cultural and ethnic issues.

Most students contact a counselor directly by calling (617) 850-1204 or by dropping by the office.  Our counselors provide short-term counseling with referrals, as needed, crisis intervention, and relevant seminars to the students and their families.  Students experiencing academic difficulties can also come by.  In some cases a faculty or staff member may recommend students for counseling.

Academic Support Services

Download the printable PDF Voluntary Statement of Learning Needs form.


Webinar Series Needs Survey (PDF)


Main Office: (617) 850-1204