Emergency Services
When emergencies occur outside of our operating hours, contact:

Counselor On-Call (617) 850-1289
A counselor from the Counseling Services is available for after-hours emergencies. The counselor can be reached by calling Dora Petruccelli at 617.850.1344.

Brookline Police (617) 730-2222
Brookline Police can provide assistance if a student is acting strangely or violently. Their officers have experience working with students in crisis and can provide options for further assistance if needed.

Boston Metro Early (617) 383-6522
Crisis Services is a 24-hour hot-line service for anyone in the Boston/Brookline Area. People can call and talk to a trained counselor to determine whether or not there is a serious psychological emergency. The Crisis Services staff will come to the location of the student if suicidality, violence, or psychosis is evident and, if appropriate, will arrange for the student to be taken to a hospital psychiatric emergency room.


Main Office: (617) 850-1204