Seminarian Program

Christian leadership requires a combination of love, knowledge, intuition, and faith - strengthened by self-confidence, tempered by humility, modeled on the conciliarity of the Holy Trinity.  Important as books, liturgical and pastoral skills are best learned through the intangibles afforded by example and experience. 

Seminarians are required to participate regularly in the daily chapel services, scheduled synaxes (community gatherings called by the President), diakonia (community service) assignments, on- and off-campus retreats, and other community events.  In addition, all seminarians are required to participate in annual events such as the Greater Boston Greek Independence Day celebrations and graduation ceremonies.  As future leaders of the larger community, seminarians must first show themselves to be self-motivated and responsible to the HCHC community.  Although the responsibilities to the HC/HC community may sometimes be hard to balance with the demands of academic life, in many ways one's future service to the church and society will require a similar balance.

The President is ultimately responsible for admission to and participation in the seminarian program.  The President is also resposible for overall implementation and effectiveness of the Spiritual Formation & Counseling Services Office, which affirms a holistic view of formation.  All students interested in the seminarian program must complete a separate application and complete the pre-admission requirements as detailed in the Seminarian Program Checklist.  The candidate's dossier must be completed before being considered for the program.

The SF/CS office's co-directors also advise the President on a student's readiness for church ministry (including, but not limited to, the participants of the seminarian program).  Participation in activities promoting spiritual and psychological formation and development are expected of the seminarians and seminarian candidates.

All Seminarians are required to select a spiritual father from our Spiritual Father's List and administered a Spiritual and Psychological Assessment.

Download Seminarian Application and Seminarian Program Requirements

Please return Application along with your essay to the Office of Spiritual Formation & Counseling Services.


Main Office: (617) 850-1204