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The Student Government of Hellenic College Holy Cross (SGA) was formed "in order to create a more efficient order of student government; to strengthen our religious, intellectual and social responsibilities; and to coordinate the shared desires of our students."  (SGA Constitution, Preamble) In accordance with its constitution, the Student Government is the official representative of the HCHC student body in accordance with the policies of the administration of the school.

The Student Government is comprised of many organizations and committees that work together to ensure that the students are well represented to the school, and that spiritual and social bonding and activities are fostered.  These organizations and committees are (not limited to): The Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Married Student Association, Hellenic Student Association, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, and the many associated programs and committees of these groups.

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The Student Government Association (SGA)

The SGA is the "legislative, enforcing, and unifying representative of the student body," and additionally provides "activities, events, and programs for the student body." (SGA Constitution, IV 1.) It is comprised of an executive board (elected by the entire student body), representatives of the 4 major associations, and the Vice-Presidents of the 8 academic classes (4 Hellenic College, 4 Holy Cross). In addition, there are committees of the Student Government in place to help address student concerns and promote student unity. As the elected representatives of the students, the SGA is the unified voice of the student body, acting on behalf of the students to promote unity, charity, understanding, and camaraderie amongst the students, while being the channel to voice the concerns of the students to the administration and faculty, with the purpose of entering into dialogue with them and finding a solution. The SGA should be the first stop for students with concerns about their fellow students, faculty members, or staff, once they have attempted to directly address the issue.

Each academic class of the school (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior of Hellenic College; Pre-Theology, Freshman, Middler, Senior of Holy Cross) elects four officers at the end of the academic year (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary), who are responsible for calling regular class meetings, promoting class unity, sponsoring events, and representing the desires of the class to the SGA while conversely conveying the wishes of the SGA to the class.

The standing committees of the SGA are the Athletics, Constitution, Missions, and Spiritual Life committees. Each one has a mission to serve the student body as a channel for specific student concerns and ideas, which are then presented to the SGA. The SGA board elects their chairmen at the end of the academic year. There are also numerous ad hoc committees formed year-to-year at the discretion of the SGA President to serve the specific and timely needs of the student body. In the past these have included such committees as Recycling, Ethics, Charity, Environmental Concerns, and Dorm Life. See the current SGA President to inquire about the presence or need for such committees.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The CAB is the second branch of the SG (along with the SGA), and it "complements the mission of the Student Government by creating opportunities for student involvement and fostering campus environments that inspire students to become active members of the campus, the school and the community." (SG Constitution, IV 3.) It works to this end in collaboration with the Office of Student Life (OSL) and the SGA. It is comprised of a chairman (who holds one vote at SGA meetings), two representatives from Hellenic College, and two from Holy Cross. In addition to these five voting members of CAB, there are also a number of specific event chairpersons who help facilitate the mission of CAB through the execution of these functions. The CAB has in the past sponsored events such as the School Panigyri, Commencement Dinner-Dance, annual Boat Cruise, monastery trips, talent shows, karaoke nights, symposia, and many other activities. Students interested in participating should seek out the Dean of Students, the current CAB Chairman, or the SGA President.

The Married Student Association (MSA)

In Ephesians 5:24-30, St. Paul speaks of the other-esteem needed for a right marriage relationship, the self-sacrifice of the lover for the sake of his beloved and her mutual offerings of love in return. Here in the same passage, St. Paul speaks of Christ's self sacrificing love for His beloved, the Church, of whose body we are all members. By our like-minded participation with Christ in this holy endeavor of marriage, we have the joyful opportunity of learning to love the others around us with growing maturity. Self-absorption is the enemy. Working for the good of the other is Christ.

The MSA was formed to address the unique circumstances of families on campus, including their social, spiritual, physical, and emotional concerns. As we grow in our ability to minister to the needs of each other, we pray that we may in turn also continue to grow in communion as a community with the entire school's staff and student body. Those interested in participating should seek out the Dean of Students, the MSA President, or the SGA President.

The Hellenic Student Association (HSA)

"The ultimate purpose of The Hellenic Student Association is to bring forth onto the campus an agenda which educates the students and faculty as to the magnificent and enormous contributions of Hellenism, both to Orthodoxy and for our way of life. The H.S.A., in an effort to promote diversity and healthy interaction between the many ethnic groups on campus, will encourage and support all activities that promote the mission of its mother school. In addition, it is the goal of this organization to 'perpetuate, protect and preserve' the concepts, ideas and contributions graced upon the world by Hellenism." (HSA Constitution, 1 B.) Those interested should see the Dean of Students, the HSA President, or the SGA President.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)

OCF is a national organization that promotes Orthodox Christian brotherhood on college campuses. As Hellenic College is an Orthodox Christian college, our OCF chapter seeks to assist the local OCF's with their ministries, and additionally helping the national OCF ministry.

Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement

The OISM is a movement that helps to improve relations between Orthodox seminarians of all jurisdictions throughout the United States and Canada. Weekend encounters are held at the various member seminaries during the academic year. Emphasis is placed on spiritual, intellectual, and social activities among the representatives of all the member seminaries.


Syndesmos is an international organization of Orthodox youth with membership throughout the world. It assists in fostering intra-Orthodox cooperation. International meetings of member groups are held periodically.

Other Student Groups and Associations:

The St. Romanos the Melodist Byzantine Choir is the festal Byzantine Choir under the direction of Dr. Grammenos Karanos. Besides leading the chanting on weekends, they also chant for major feasts and special events, such as events at the Archdiocese, the Greek Independence Day proclamation ceremony at the Massachusetts State House, and the annual Commencement exercises. Those interested should see Dr. Karanos.

The HCHC Dance Troupe is a group of students who study and perform Greek and other Balkan cultural dances.  They regularly perform at events such as OXI Day, Greek Independence Day, as well as traveling to perform at the Folk Dance Festival.

The Hellenic College Holy Cross Yearbook Committee is responsible for the annual production of a school yearbook. The effort includes creative writing, photography, editing, desktop publishing, staff management, and fundraising.  The end product is a beautiful publication that catalogues the year - what happened and who participated. The Yearbook Committee is always looking for talented students who have a bit of time to spare.

There are countless other organizations that are more or less active depending on student interest. Please visit the Office of Student Life for more information.


Antonios A. Papathanasiou
Dean of Students