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Campus Clubs and Organizations

Hellenic College Holy Cross offers a variety of campus clubs and organizations and encourages all students to participate. An Involvement Fair is held at the beginning of each semester, providing the opportunity for students to talk to members of these groups and discover ways to become involved in HCHC's vibrant student life.


Student Government Association

President: Antonios Papathanasiou

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official representative of the HCHC student body and aims to strengthen our religious, intellectual, and social responsibilities as well as to coordinate the shared desires of the students. The SGA is the parent organization of several smaller organizations and committees that are under its auspices which includes the: Campus Activities Board, Married Student Association, Hellenic Student Association, Spiritual Life Committee, Athletics Committee, as well as many other programs and committees. Together, these organizations form a mutual effort to provide spiritual, social, and communal activities. The SGA is comprised of the Executive Board, the leaders of the campus organizations, and the Vice-Presidents of each class (four from Hellenic College and four from Holy Cross). It is thus the responsibility of every member of the SGA board to report back to their respective classes and organizations as to the different events in which our community is engaged.


Campus Activities Board

Director: Bailie Henry

The Hellenic College Holy Cross Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the center for campus fellowship and community. CAB sponsors various events throughout the year that are ideal for students of all ages. CAB's main events include the Fall and Spring Panigiris, Fall Fest, Awards Night, The Boat Cruise, Tournament of Champions, and the Community Graduation Dinner Dance. CAB prides itself on providing the best activities possible to suit all the students of HCHC. Our door is always open to students who want to offer their time and talents.  


Married Student Association

President: Dimitra Dogias 

The MSA exists to foster relationships both within the married community, but also between the married community and the community-at-large. This is done through a series of private and group events, including both marital-enrichment and recreational activities.


Missions Committee

President: Alexandros Limberatos

The Missions Committee works to promote a mission consciousness at Hellenic College Holy Cross.  It seeks to increase the awareness of the importance of missions as a central part of our lives as Orthodox Christians and within the Church, and tries to expose our students to the work of Orthodox Christian missionaries worldwide.  The Committee promotes participation and support for international and domestic cross-cultural missions through our annual Fall Missions Week and Lecture, regular meetings and group involvement in short-term mission trips during Spring Break or over the summer through the OCMC and the Missions Institute here at HCHC.


Athletics Committee

Director: Demetrios Constantine

The Athletics Committee coordinates athletic events on campus to support fellowship, active lifestyles, and friendly Christian competition. Athletics currently holds two major sporting intramurals throughout the year: football and basketball. Intramurals are offered for both males and females. Athletics participants may be students, faculty, and spouses/family members of students. Besides the annual Columbus Day events, which include the Hellenic College vs. Holy Cross football game and the HCHC Students vs. Alumni basketball game, are hosted by the Athletics Committee, CAB, and Alumni.



Director: Rev. Nicholas Belcher

Once a month, students meet over a hearty supper off-campus to discuss various contemporary issues and how they affect our Christian vocation. This group is primarily student-led and student-run. Anyone who is interested is asked to attend a planning meeting at the beginning of the year, where participants select topics and assign discussion facilitators. The only requirements are a voracious appetite and a desire for thoughtful reflection and discussion.


Orthodox Christian Fellowship

President: Sebastian Mot

The mission of OCF is "to support fellowships on college campuses, whose members experience and witness to the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others, and study of the Faith." Students at HCHC are blessed to have the headquarters of OCF on campus, as many of our seminarians are involved at various OCF chapters in the Boston area.  Additionally, through a partnership with Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Brighton, MA regular OCF Coffeehouse events are hosted throughout the year.  Hellenic College Holy Cross looks forward to being a resource for Orthodox Christian Fellowship chapters in the area. To see the OCF North American Office's website, please click here!


Sonia Belcher's Hellenic College Holy Cross Ambassadors

Program Coordinator: Stephanie Couchell, scouchell@hchc.edu, 617-850-1345

To see a full description of this program, please click here.


Hellenic College Psychology Club

President: Mariam Livanos

The purpose of this organization is to provide programs and information concerning graduate schools and careers in the field of psychology. Here, we support student initiatives to attend and participate in Psychology conferences and to attend Psychology organizations. (e.g. American Psychology Association.)  Through this club, students also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with psychology faculty here at Hellenic College Holy Cross.

The Daily Bread

Started in the fall of 2015, The Daily Bread is a monthly email newsletter created by and for HCHC students. For more information, please email thedailybread@hchc.edu.


Antonios A. Papathanasiou
Dean of Students