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Hellenic College Psychology Club

Alexandra E. Buliteanu – President

When I think of psychology, I imagine two words: psyche and logos. 
Psyche is the soul and Logos is the mind. The beauty of psychology is found in the interactions of mind and soul. In this club, we analyze both mind and soul, aiming for a better understanding of the inner world. I find the opportunity to be part of this club a learning experience, where together we explore concepts of psychology outside of the classroom and prepare ourselves to enter this mysterious world.

John Thomas Livick-Moses – Vice President

Hello! My name is John Thomas Livick-Moses, but you can just call me JT! I'm from the great state of Virginia, deep within the Shenandoah Valley, and I consider it to be one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. I'm currently starting my senior year of college, and after I graduate I plan to first get married and then go forward with my education by working toward a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology. I look forward to what this new school year brings!

C. Claire Barden – Secretary

Hello! My name is Claire Barden and I am a freshman in the human development program with a minor in religious studies. Psychology is one of those things that has continuously interested me, but my interest was even more spiked when my father decided to get his master’s degree in psychology in 2011. There is something about how the mind works, why people do what they do, and how they react in the way they react that I get so excited to learn about. Interactions between others on a sociological level and brain chemicals working with the mental mind rather than the physical are two of my favorite aspects of psychology.

Peter Koulouris – Treasurer

Here at Hellenic College Holy Cross, it is no secret that the Greek Orthodox faith is the center stronghold behind our education. Psychology, being the study of the soul and the mind, is also a very necessary component to our Christ-centered education, bringing a special harmony into the classroom. Our Psychology Club is taking this classroom experience and applying it everyday in the lives of our students. As a junior management major with a minor in human development, I am honored to serve this incredible club as its treasurer, using the skills I have gained in both of my programs at Hellenic College.