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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On Sunday, September 28, 2014 students met at Dean of Students Dn. Nicholas Belcher’s house for a RoundTable discussion. The topic of discussion, selected and facilitated by Hellenic College students, was “the role of the paranormal in our lives as Orthodox Christians.”  
In addition to the rich discussion, focusing on the preparatory readings gathered by the student facilitators, students shared a meal and offered individual reflections on the topic as it related to their vocation as Orthodox Christians.  The discussion centered on the relationship of the paranormal with Orthodox spirituality. The facilitators asked the group how much of the popular understanding of the paranormal is acceptable from an Orthodox perspective.

Next month we will be discussing the topic of evolution!

RoundTable is a program run by Hellenic College students to further both students' critical thinking and faith. Select students research for and facilitate off-campus discussions exploring contemporary issues and how Orthodox Christians are to respond.

Student Programs are in full swing!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Student Programs are in full swing this year in the Office of Vocation & Ministry with a robust line-up of offerings for the undergraduate student body.

Starting off the year with the OVM Orientation Retreat, August 29-30, 2014, Mike Tishel and Kyra Limberakis led a group of twenty seven incoming students to the Cape Cod Sea Camps for twenty four hours of vocation exploration, worship, fellowship and fun.

The OVM RoundTable Discussion group had its preliminary Pizza Planning Meeting to map out the topics for the semester, as well as its first actual evening discussion at Dean of Students Dn. Nicholas Belcher’s home. The student-selected topic was “how to approach the paranormal as Orthodox Christians.”

The Exploration of Priestly Vocation program, a co-curricular group for undergraduate seminarians supporting them in discerning a possible call to the priesthood, has also met to discuss this year’s theme: “Finding God’s Will For our Life Through Christ’s Commandments.”

The Women in Leadership & Service program, led this year by CR Asst.


2014-2015 Incoming Retreat

Monday, September 15, 2014

On Friday, August 29th 2014 the new incoming class of Hellenic College boarded a bus to begin a 24-hour retreat hosted by the Office of Vocation and Ministry. Held at the beautiful and rustic campgrounds of Cape Cod Sea Camps (Brewster, MA), the retreat was guided by four student retreat leaders and OVM staff members Mike Tishel and Kyra Limberakis. 
With personal discipleship, community, and discussions on vocation in college as its focus, the new students embarked on what would be a reflective, relaxing, and unplugged retreat. 
Upon arrival, the group settled into cabin life and kicked off the we
ekend with a readers vespers service followed by time spent getting to know each other through name games and ice breakers. With names like “Jelly John” and “Bubbly Bailie” imprinted in our memories and the ice officially broken through lots of laughter, the evening transitioned into a more relaxed and casual environment in the campsite’s community center.
Retreat leaders, Nikoletta Evangelatos (senior at Hellenic College) and Nicco Livingston (first year Holy Cross), shared a short testimony about their transition to Hellenic College followed by a brief question and answer period.
Incoming student, Alice Song, commented that it was “nice getting to directly ask grad/undergrad/currently enrolled students, questions” about their experience. The evening concluded with a coffeehouse hang out with guitar playing, singing, and games, followed by cabin discussions.
Day 2 began with Orthros and Be Still Time, allowing the students an opportunity to re-center and refocus.


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