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OVM Servant Leadership Workshop Emphasizes Empathy and Creativity

On Friday, December 2nd, the Office of Vocation and Ministry hosted a servant leadership workshop led by Karen Reuther, Vice President of the VF Global Innovation Center, and Dieter Reuther, Transformation Facilitator at Cast Collective. Nearly forty members of the HCHC community attended.

The workshop emphasized the importance of empathy for people in leadership positions, drawing from both presenters’ design and servant leadership backgrounds. “When you design for other people, you learn empathy in a very real way,” said Karen. “If I’m designing for you, I have to care about what you care about.” The workshop also utilized LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to inspire empathy and design thinking.

Participants - and students in particular - were encouraged to challenge themselves as they launch their careers. “Find goals of an organization that touch your heart and release your passion to find these goals,” advised Dieter. “Go with your passion.” Karen admonished students to apply their unique talents in their chosen field. “I always say to students when they’re starting out, ‘what’s the one thing you’re crazy good at, more than anybody else’?” she said. “Use that.”

Students said that the workshop challenged them to apply creativity and design thinking to their everyday lives. Moriah Moody, a Hellenic College student, found the workshop very relatable. “Design principles can be applicable to everyday life and interaction with people,” she said. “For me, product design can be applied even to a paper or a friendship.”