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Time Management Workshop

On Thursday, March 6, the Office of Vocation & Ministry welcomed Tim Tassopoulos, VP of Operations at Chic-fil-a and Trustee of Hellenic College Holy Cross, to run a leadership workshop for all HCHC students. Tim Tassopoulos has studied, practiced, and presented on leadership for many years. He has made substantial contributions to the Church, from his service as a catechetical teacher at his home parish to his service as trustee of Hellenic College Holy Cross.

Tassopoulos has given several workshops to our students on various aspects of the topic of Servant Leadership. This most recent event, “It’s about Time,” was on the topic of time management. Tassopoulos offered a practical workshop that encouraged students to reflect on on their current methods of time management and walked them through many techniques to improve their efforts and more effectively manage their time.

Tassopoulos connected his perspective to our Orthodox Christian faith, emphasizing that we are called to be faithful stewards of our God-given time, talent, and treasure. He explained that ineffective time management can distract us from our relationship with Christ and can also impede the growth and effectiveness of others.

In the complexity of the 21st century where students’ attention is continually being pulled in various directions, the OVM believes it is critical to give students the skills needed to prepare for their futures. Though his engaging workshop, Tim Tassopoulos offered the students of Hellenic College Holy Cross pivotal methods to become engaged stewards of their time.