Mentoring at Hellenic College: A Student & Faculty Symposum


What are the ways in which mentoring takes place at Hellenic College? Both academic communities and the Orthodox spiritual tradition affirm that mentoring is important. In what ways is it important to us? How should the definitions of mentor and mentoring above refined and expanded?

This symposium, part of the annual St. Photios the Great Faith and Learning Retreat and Symposium, addressed various aspects and questions surrounding mentoring at Hellenic College.

Many thanks to the faculty, staff, and students who prepared presentations, especially to Profs. Mata Dova and Alice McIntyre who were key planners of this event.

In preparation for the symposium faculty read "Mentoring and Undergraduate Academic Success: A Literature Review" by Maryann Jacobi (Review of Educational Research, Vol. 61, No. 4. pp. 505-532).

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Faculty essays on mentoring will be compiled and published by the OVM. This topic furthers a key aim of the Lilly Endowment grant to Hellenic College, that of enhancing the capacity of a school's faculty to teach and mentor students in the vocational arena. For more information contact us.