The Office of Vocation & Ministry announces Faculty Vocation Grants for the Academic Year 2009–2010. Two types of grant funding are available:

1. Faculty Vocation Grants: The Office of Vocation & Ministry (OVM) at Hellenic College announces its Faculty Vocation Grants program for AY 2009-2010. Letters of inquiry are accepted on a rolling basis until May 15, 2010. Orthodox Christian faculty with a terminal degree in their chosen field (PhD, ThD) and all Hellenic College faculty may be eligible for awards up to $4000 in grant funding if full-time and up to $2000 if part-time or adjunct. Additionally, the OVM welcomes applications from doctoral students who have passed their comprehensive exams and can demonstrate that the project will relate to their dissertation topic. Proposals should contribute to or demonstrate direct impact on one or both of the following areas:

(a) Make a scholarly contribution to the Orthodox Christian theological exploration of vocation and ministry and/or the nascent topic of Orthodoxy and higher education (see Section IV of the Request for Proposals), 

(b) Demonstrate a direct impact on students through the campus chapter of Orthodox Christian Fellowship, the mentoring of students regarding faith and vocation, and/or coursework (where appropriate).  

Applying for a Faculty Vocation Grant

Download the PDF of the Request For Proposals here.


2. Faculty Vocation Mini-Grants: The OVM Faculty Vocation Mini-Grants invite Hellenic College faculty to apply for up to $500 to add a vocation-related project, event, or materials to an existing course. There is a rolling deadline for mini-grants; the OVM will disburse two mini-grants per semester or up to $1000 in funding.

These grants are made possible through a sustainability grant Hellenic College received from the Lilly Endowment Inc. as part of their Programs for the Theological Exploration of Vocation initiative ( and through the support of generous OVM donors. The faculty grants support the goals and vision of the Lilly Endowment for theological exploration of vocation by inviting Orthodox Christian faculty to (a) examine the relationship of their Orthodox faith to the scholarly and teaching vocation and (b) to teach and mentor students in the vocational arena.

Applying for a Mini-Grant

Download the PDF file detailing Faculty Vocation Mini-Grants here.

Download the Word document of the Faculty Vocation Mini-Grant Request Form here.