LinkedIn Group Provides Gathering Space for Orthodox Scholars

The Orthodox Scholars Initiative (OSI) has opened a group on LinkedIn to provide another way for Orthodox scholars of all disciplines to gather together. The LinkedIn group not only allows scholars to connect with one another more easily, but it also provides a space for scholars to list their own upcoming events in the group's discussion page. Members of the group can receive automatic email notifications of new events listed on the group's page, keeping members abreast of new conferences and lectures in the world of Orthodox academia.

While OSI continues to maintain a rich database of Orthodox scholars on the OSI website, which allows a more exhaustive way for scholars to connect, the new LinkedIn group provides a convenient and quick way for Orthodox scholars to connect using their already-existing LinkedIn profiles. By joining the OSI Database or the LinkedIn group, Orthodox scholars gain new avenues for connecting and promoting their work. Join the OSI Database and Linked group today to take advantage of these resources.