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Academic Programs at Hellenic College

HCHC is the intellectual, educational and spiritual center of the Greek Orthodox Church in America stimulating, developing and sustaining ordained and lay vocations for service to Church and society based on faith.

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As an Orthodox Christian college, the mission of Hellenic College is to cultivate the intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of its students so that they might serve and contribute to society and the Church. To that end, Hellenic College fosters intellectual development in its students, engaging them in liberal arts and professional curricula that demand rigorous inquiry and academic scholarship. The College promotes spiritual and moral development by incorporating students into the practices, teachings, and liturgical life of an Orthodox Christian community. The College offers also the opportunity to its students to become aware of the universal intellectual and cultural values of the Hellenic cultural heritage. The College encourages its students to respond to their unique vocations by committing to education, faith, and service in all aspects of their professional and personal endeavors.

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Undergraduate Programs

Religious Studies

Learn about the Orthodox faith while living it through daily worship. Study with some of the best-trained and well-known Orthodox scholars in the United States. Religious Studies majors learn to be sensitive to and conversant with the main philosophical and theological positions of the study of religion. A solid background in Bible, theology, and religion forms the core of the program. Students on the seminarian track qualify for an accelerated program toward their Master of Divinity, saving one year from their graduate studies.

Classics and Greek Studies

Experience the world of the ancient Greeks and Romans through language, literature, art, and archaeology. By reading texts in the original language, you will gain a direct insight into the minds and hearts of those who lived long ago. Hellenic College offers a rich array of courses in post-classical, medieval, and modern Greek studies as well. A major in classical studies teaches you to read and think clearly and critically, forming a solid foundation of knowledge and adaptability needed today.

Elementary Education

Become a vital agent of change in classrooms, schools, and communities by creating transformative experiences for young people to learn. Our Elementary Education majors are held to the highest standards as they engage in an interwoven combination of coursework and field experiences at three Boston public schools. Graduates earn a double major in Liberal Studies while gaining key knowledge of current educational and scientific research, empathy for students, and the practical skills needed to succeed today.

Management and Leadership

Accumulate the knowledge and practical skills for working and managing in different business and non-profit sectors while living in a community fostering your Orthodox faith and values. Hellenic College offers one of the few business programs that cultivate competencies in both management and leadership. Students design a year-long business internship with their site supervisor and academic advisor, developing a sense of self-knowledge and purpose while building a network of business contacts.

Human Development

Prepare for a career in the helping professions by learning the complexities of the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual development of the children and adults you will be serving. The Human Development major will constantly challenge you academically and train you to minister to others and improve yourself. Students select from more than 200 hands-on internship placement opportunities around Boston.

Literature and History

Develop a broad appreciation of pivotal historical moments and their impact on cultures worldwide. The interdisciplinary Literature & History program showcases the dynamic relationship between these two vitally important fields of learning. Students may individualize their course of study to match their interests. Both the core and elective courses prepare students for fields requiring analytic thought and effective communication, including education, media, history, law, journalism, and public policy.