Katharine Z.

Semester of Faith

“The Semester of Faith was the best four months of my entire life. It led me to a deeper yearning to serve Christ and introduced me to some of the most Godly, kindhearted, pious, and funny people I’ve ever met. They made it really easy for an anxious newcomer to grow into the best version of herself.”

Katharine had been at Hope College as a Vocal Music Education major for two years when her mother suggested that she look into opportunities to explore her faith a bit more. Katharine heard about Hellenic College’s Semester of Faith program and “I knew I had to apply,” she says.

Reflecting on her experience at Hellenic, Katharine marvels that “I have learned what it means to lead an Orthodox Christian life, giving glory to God through whatever path I take. I have grown in confidence, felt God’s work at every turn, and His light in everyone I met there. I’ve gained a second family that knows my heart and loves the little things I struggled to love about myself. The faculty I was fortunate enough to learn from encouraged my growth spiritually and academically, and even appealed to my musicianship in an unexpected and beautiful way.”

Katharine is now back at Hope College, from which she expects to graduate in 2020, but left Hellenic sure that “this isn’t goodbye–it’s see you later.” Asked what advice she would give to a prospective HCHC student, she says, “The spiritual journey you take there, the callings you discern, the people you meet, and the love of God that shines through them will far exceed any expectations you may have.”